November 30, 2010

Takes me to disgust you but it takes only you, to disgust everyone else.

my boy was like "K ah, now I can be Rapunz! Boy version, the Lost Prince!"
Rapunz lor...... hahaahha
the show makes me wish I had longer hair zzz hahahaha 
its so weird like how Rapunzel can walk and drag her long hair around without
damaging/making it dirty? I know la its cartoon and all blablabla
BUT STILL!? Her ends still looks nice and shiny and clean....
and ntm flowly and healthy -_-

Hehe one of the best Sunday i've had in weeks ^^ 
can't wait to spend the whole of Thurs w bby, we're gna go shopping!
and this Sat is our errrr 1 month? Haha tho its been like 2 years since 
we were stuck to one another.. but 1 month officially together!
feeling damn excited, this is the first 1 month i'm actually gna celebrate with
someone in my entire life ok!!! Hehehe can't wait! ^^

am also beginning to love my job, shan't elaborate much luh but yeah
starting to enjoy and love it! kekeke 
am beginning to feel alive and happy again, hope this lasts
the only thing that's annoying me now is my stupid weight!
i jst needa lose a few more kgs!!! >:(

ooooooh another good thing that happened today is.....
My very first A.Wang! Hiakhiakhiak sho happy ^^
I wanted an A.Wang since the start of the year and its Dec n I finally bought it!
can't wait fo it to arrive, cross my fingers* it does by this week hehe.

Call me greedy but I want another bag.. I want alot alot alot of bags!!!
sometimes I get so scared of overusing my bags that it's gna wear out and
then spoil :( That was what happened to my black lv bucket bag and now there's
a hole at the bottom zzz I wna fix it but idk how!! Do i bring it to the boutique??
anyone fixed theirs before? Do lemme know how!!! Tyvm hahah

time check 3:47am, I really should be sleeping soon
meow, shall end this post here then haha
have a great week all! :)

I wna sell my Nikon D40, anyone interested?
mail me,!