December 16, 2010

gettin kinda lazy to blog nowadays..
pretty uninteresting life ever since I got back
spent my days w the boyf & watching Korean drama hahaha
bumming my lazy ass off
I think I gained alot of weight jst eating n lazing on the couch too :(
ARGH, need cut down on food intake already

anw, Christmas in 9days!!! Stoked!
Crossing my fingers that papi would allow me to use my condo
fo xmas din din and party, if not xmas this year would be sucha bore! :(
i got bijou a cute xmas outfit as well! hehehe shall only post pixs of him
after xmas. wahahahahaha ^^

Ooooooh btw I got the new bold! 9780!
my 9700 can jst go and die, stupid phone zzz
looks the same as 9700 but software is entirely diff, kinda cool tho the phone
waitin fo bb app world to launch chio themes fo it now cos it looks damn fugly
missing my hello kitty theme :(

oookie so thats all fo now. will do a proper post soon
shall continue watching my show keke