December 10, 2010

Im back from Bintan! Had an awesome short vacation with the family~
Lots of fun in the sun... now im back a shade or two darker than usual zz
needs intensive whitening treatment to be infused into my pores soon..

anww uploading pixs from before I left..
Our first month!! B brought me to Hatched
its like some egg concept cafe, every meal has eggs
and eggs are my ultimate favourite food!! Nth can go wrong with eggs man!
Was sho sho shooooo excited! ^^ keke
I had Egg Benedict!!!
Like after soooo long!! Finally satisfied my cravings fo egg benedict hehe
sigh... now the pix of it is making me very hungry :(
Not sure what the boy's one was but its a bowl of scrambled eggs
with sausage in it and more sausages outside and toast bread.. ahahaha
Was an awesome Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner. Hehe
Thankew sooo much bb! *muacks*

Wenta town and shopped around... omg Singaporeans nowadays
very rich ah? Everywhere I walked right, out of  every 5 singaporeans I pass by
2 are carrying Lv/Gucci plastic bags -_-
Then the queue outside Gucci also cannot relax? Damn long!!!! Haha
Not bad not bad... maybe cos its a holiday season too so everyone's buying gifts
I want a new bag and a new camera. Hehe ^^
Hello Kitty fo meeeeeeeeee :D
Boys turn to camwhore..
Passport photos..
Then to Bugis fo LS's farewell dindin (again)/Supper hehe
yet again im a loser in steamboat haha...

Then we caught Narnia after eating! 
Makes me wna walk into every wardrobe AND painting now! hahaha
I ever did ok... walked into wardrobes trying to see if anything would happen
but sadly nah ;(
But seriously if i were them I wouldn't even go back to the real world
i'd rather stay in Narnia la!!?
Ntm Prince Caspian looks even handsome-r than in the second show
WAAA, I will stay there and marry him!
Then Damon can like byebye already hahahahhaha
Sigh, it's been a week since I saw my boyfee!
can't wait to meet him later hehehehe and see everyone else too....
thats if everyone's heading out.
and then there's ZoukOut tmr! YAY!!!! So stoked!
Partying with my babygirls at last! heh heh heh
But the thought of the crowd and sand and sweat jst makes me wna stay home
but since i haven't been there and I got tix alr, might as well make the
best out of it! hehe those's who're gg I'll cya! ^^

Okie so I guess I'm done here.... Will upload pixs form Bintan another day!
Have a great weekend all :)