December 22, 2010

heyho! hahah i know this space is lacking some life...
my life is so boring nowadays i really haven't been out much taking pixs and all.
plus my camera battery died and im a heavy procrastinator and the thought of
jst going to my room to charge my cam now is gna take me forever 
yup, thats me..... thats me. haha

shall update some pixs from zoukout!
tho i knw dx n tams blogged about it already, JUST ah..
read one more time also ok right? haha
so we had a boot(?) party. seriously this was much more fun than the real thing
seeing dingxuan drunk was priceless!!! swear! omg i had video evidence of her
singing her own composition and remixes of bruno mars n taylor swift hahaahhaha
if i post here her future sure gone!
yups lor I look damn brown!!? its so gross! but many ppl like me with tan...
BUT I DONT. haha kinda regretted staying in the sun fo so long in bintan
now dx and tams call me pochahontas :( NO WAY tams is pochahontas and mulan ok!!
hahahahahaha i wna be rapunzel!!!
what a picture la? hahaha but we were all wearing polka dotties!!
some chemistry.....
siao ding dong!
hahaha really DID NOT enjoy Zoukout at all!!!
spent the whole night walking from the car and to the arenas which were so freaking far apart
and squeezing around so many people
can die. my joints were aching by that time and i had a bad headache zzz
i actually sat on the beach infront of the stage and slept!!??? hahahaha
pro sia me ;)
left at around 4 plus or so cos bby and i were so tired
went home, bathed and k.o.
really k.o kind, like lie down then "boom!" blackout hahahahahaha
first and last zoukout for me ah. 

so fucking excited ah!
was initially kinda bummed at the start of the week cos i thought i wouldnt be
celebrating as my dad didn't wna load us the other house cos it was nicely decorated
fo viewing already... so we were locationless!!!!!
but fret not! superdon saved the day and booked us the biggest suite in Parkroyal
soooo *cross my fingers* that we're gna have a smashin christmas!

gna bathe and head to town soon, needa get some xmas shopping done!
really damn happy eh.. don't know how to express my joy hehe
tho i know im gna cough up another huge debt this month.........
sigh, really my cc gna bomb already :(
shall worry after christmas is over. hehehehehehehe

So yeh............ 
hope everyone is almost done with their preparations and all
and that you all have a great christmas!
hehe oooooh im working on 25th so those who wna party @ zouk 
come down kay!! celebrate xmas tgther ^^ 
*blows cyber kisses to everyone*