December 2, 2010

jst ended work... OMG im officially in love with Mambo night
maybe i'm jst turning into an aunty and phuture is just not as fun 
as it was before fo me anymore, hey DX i can join your aunty clan already~

anyhoos, shall upload pixs from monday 9t!
hehe the new lens from! this one is err Beucon I think?
Comfort wise i'd rate it 7/10 but color wise i'd give it 15/10!!!!
HAHAH mad love the color x infinity!
Who cares if I look weird or uggs or stupid in it, the color is sho freaking chio
i see already also happy ^^
dinz+supp at newton!
nom nom nom~

what to say? Haha Boys will be Boys~
B came to stayover last night and I help him to pluck his eyebrows haahah
now he can haz smexy eyebrows ;)
its so unfair that boys are always blessed with thick eyebrows and long eyelashes
not like they need them also..walao give us leh!!? Hahah!!

Anyhoooooos I cant wait fo 2010 to be over!!! 2011 looks waaaay promising
than this year ever did/does. Can't wait to start a new year afresh!
on another note, christmas is coming too!! My favourite-st holiday EVER!!
so happy to walk through town with all the christmas lights and deco
hanging from every building and then there's the christmas carols
blasting from speakers.. Makes me wna sing along too
(which I did anyway..) hehe

also gta start savin $$$, lots of stuff on my wishlist
and gta clear some debts with my dad...not that its compulsary
jst feeling bad spending so much haha. Sigh :(
me and me shopping impulses

okie, am done fo today. shall turn in already
goooooooo9t all *muacks*

Oh hey there bitch (you're still one , dont deny plz),
uhm i'll let you know again when i'm gna start giving a fuck about
what you hafta say about me k?
bcos im starting to realise that that's gna be errrrrrrrrr
Yeah...... Never :)
so tillllllll then, Have a great life
It was fun while it lasted, yknow pissing the fuck out of you?

btw its Pony yeah, P-O-N-Y :)
 and with lotssssssssss of love,
Yours sincerly