December 3, 2010

so bored!!!
and I have sometime to kill before heading for work later
so shall upload more pixs~ hehehehe

dinner with kw chev sx wh on weds 9t hehe

i don't know what's the big deal with people and kfc... i dont even find it nice?
haha the chicken is so pathetically small!!
the last time i ate kfc chicken was at genting earlier this year
and before that was prolly years ago. haha
Popeyes FTW!!!
settled for the only thing i will eat at kfc...
shrooms burger. hahahaha
two super cute doggies ^^
after that was work and yea.....
btw I quit drinking already!!! Hahahaha the feeling kinda rocks
everytime I go to work i either have tea or lots of water ^^
will only drink when i party or when the boy is around huahuahua
if im not wrong alcohol is fattening right? I can do without all the
extra calories~ oh yeah and its bad fo complexion too! >:(
Healthy me! No drugs, no booze, no ciggs ;)

so this was prawning ytd w eu and ham!!! haven't prawned in ages
and the weather ytd was perfect for prawning!
wasn't warm at all. infact i was freezing luh, if only sgp was like this
idk how eu can bring herself to play with worms...
Ham: eh this plate got mole...
not exactly a very clear pic but her nails damn chioooo!!!
heheheh sho cute. Prawn queen lor she......
anw, had an adequate amount of fun last night seeing that it was a thursday zzz
like i said, my weekdays are starting to feel like weekends

so lastly.........
bi: whats inside!!?

HEHE my bag is finally here!!!!
its so freaking awesome i dont know how to explain the level
of awesomeness and how nice the bag is! Defo worth my $$$ ^^
can't wait to use it later, ahahah kanchiong spider max.
2 more days till i leave SGP fo a short break, really need a holiday man
singapore is mad boring!!!!!!
mum's busy planning the itinerary and its damn funny just watching her do it
got what swimming competition, bikini contest blablabla?
but all prize money leh! I sure fanatic hahahhah can come back richer ;)
she also promised to give me $$$ if i win her in golf! Hahahaha
can't wait! really damn damn damn excited.

 in a few hours its one month with baby and he's planning the events for tmr
so im still clueless with what he has planned.....
im planning our second month!!! heh heh heh *winks*

December is lookin fantastic already! :D
have a great weekend everyone