January 12, 2011

How's life and everyone? Happy 2011! Haha
this is like my first proper post in this year man, lag much?

mad happy to be back from bangkok.. but kinda reluctant as well
I needa do more shopping!!!!! :(
But I should be heading back there this April so *cross my fingers*
heh heh

anyhooos, some pixs from NYE and NYs! 
Didn't do much this NY spent it with close friends and yeaa.... haha

So New Years Eve! Fish & Co fo dins~
 mad chio ring.. but seems like everyone has it!!!

 Wenta Haji fo Sup's NYE partyyyyyy

then over to Scape to see Dewbearbear spinnin!
 mad crowded..... wowz. ahaha

Wanted to go to zouk but ended up at Rivergate instead.
FUCKING CHIO CONDO, ohmitian, iz so friggin huge!!! 

camwhore like free. hahahaha 
lots of other pixs with shan shan, she havent upload them yet :(
So yeh, stayed there by the poolside and talked till 6am or so?
not bad, chillax way to start the new year.. hopefully the rest of my year 
can be as chillax too ^^

gna head to town and meet bby soonzies... life iz so boring back here
HAIZ, i jst wna take cheap cabs and bargain my life away haha
maybe i shld migrate to Bkk and be a mini princess there uh?

just kidding.

K LA. Gna blog ant bkk trip soon! in the midst of editing the pixs
might just throw in a vlog too! keke
Have a great week all :)