January 27, 2011

new fringe. new color
not tt much diff ey?  
but it looks a tone darker.. haha i want darker hair already
so lazy to touch up my roots everytime they grow out zzz
thinkin of curlin my hair again, since its mad wavy now
cannot decide whether it wants to be straight or curled >:(

sorry i havent got any interesting picture post of late haha
been quite lazy to lug my cam out.. wait im so lazy to even charge it
anw nxt week's cny!!! i might have pixs afterall hahaha
i'll try to bring my cam out this weekend and maybe cough out a 
post before cny hehehe kk will try ma best ;)

anyhoooos hope every1 gt their cny shopping almost done/done
this year's cny fo me seeems so meh....like nth special? jst gives me an excuse 
to get more clothes. lol.
still waitin fo asos n zipia to come, spent quite abit this round....
the clothes should last me like a few months!!! so its okay right....?

pehpehpeh, so many things i needa get done.
i wna do my nails ;(

okiedokes, happy thursday all hhahahahaha
love u all, baibai *muacks*

i was thinking of starting up a fashion bloggie. hehehe
like i wna go around singapore and take random pixs of people who dresses rly nicely
and then post it up to share with everyone!
I know like many people are doing this but I jst wna do for fun hahaha
should i should i?
since i everyday also like some free bird. might as well do smth productive hahaha
yes no???