February 17, 2011

Harrrrroesssss, back from work. 526am, and updating this space
hw hardworking... aha

got quite an amt of photos so shall update some first!
pixs from the day of Taylor Swift's concerttttt hehehehehe

was gna surprise bb w TS tixs so decided to lure him to Kallang to ice skate first..
so lunch at some Jap place..

 Nicole and Jinyi came w us tooo~

looks are deceving.. looks yummy but tastes like pangsai

 seriously like mad envious of all the young and skinny skaters
can twirl and spin and do all sorts of tricks on the ice
it was always my dream to be a professional ice skater please!!!
few years back I rly damn enthu abt ice skating, everyday watch Ice Princess...
go youtube watch sasha cohen (some pro ice skater) and even dream abt myself ice skating la!
i know its damn gay
BUT, its so niceeeee. somemore you can stay indoors all day, dont have to face the sun or
endure the legendary Singapore heat *dies*

sadly my mum doesn't encourage/refuses to pay fo any ice skating lessons
cos she thinks its of no use -_-
she said golf is better and "got more future"
walao, i hate golf please, every sunday must stand under the sun and kill
my skin cells plus not to mention, steal my sleep. pftttttt

owell. tt day go there like waste money
spent more time oogling at the pro skaters ahahahahhaha mehzzzz

then off to TS! met mae who got the tixs fo me.... wa cannot be any more grateful
(cos all tixs were sold out.. but we managed to cop somt tixs in the end..hehe)
and then surprised kw! hahaha he was like "huh!? we really going ah!!?!?"
cos we were sitting at the mrt stn waiting fo Mae and then watching all the TS fans
heading to the stadium. so i pretended to ask him say "eh wna go not? we go buy tics now"
then he like want like dont want liddat...... cfm secretly want kekekek
so yuh luh, surprise all he happy happy, I also happy happy 
so we happily wenta the indoor stadiumzzzz

OMFGGGGGGGG best night ever!!!!!!
She was so good live! And ntm pretty! jealous times ten
not alot of pixs cos i was so lazy to take hahahah I rather enjoy luh
plus we were so close!!!! my camera does our distance no justice but really
we were very very close.. but not as close to those at the standing pen luh
that one can touch her legs already man... (i think) hahah.
so yup, great night, great concert. 
can't wait fo her to be back :)

 this was after the concert luh, we like nothing to do then saw all the fans crowding at
one of the entrances so we went there to kpo also.. took some blurry shots of Taylor Swift who came out to idk do what also for like a few seconds, make her fanatic fans even more fanatic then 
go back in. zzzzzzz abit boliao also uh. hahahahha but we also stay and watch uh

soo... another 9t. 10th feb, steamboat with workpals from zouk.
ate at Rajah Inn at Tiong Bahru Plaza.
 not bad uh.. the buffet includes dessert too! chocolate fondue~
 and ice cream!!!!
 but being the small eater i was.. barely finished everything. lol weak-y me.

and lastly... vday!!!
hehe met b and we he surprised me at gallery hotelllllll~

tell him every year that flowers v unnecessary but he still buy. tsk haha
 prezzie fo me~
 and a random photo of the toilet zzz

wenta town to eat! coffee bean first so i could eat my long awaited Egg Benedict!!!!!

bb wanted to have jap food, so we wenta paragon to eat at some soba restaurant!

 omg best soba i ever tasted! really is eat tt one already those from other jap restaurants
can say byebye. haha

in case yall wna go there, its this restaurant...

happy boy w his foodie
 and my edamame...
 wenta catch a Homecoming after tt w Darryl and Collen as well
nice movie! damn funny also hahahaha can see jack neo making a comeback
really! everyone should go watch it hahahaha

 supper afterwards at selegie. this is sucha blur photo
(cos my olympus doesnt function welll in dimly lit places, bummer)
but darryl was getting colleen a rose from this random dude who was selling em

he insisted to buy even tho she refused!!! so sweet hor hehhehehe
meh and yeh, we went play l4d after that
WAAA I WAS SO EXCITED LA, long time never play. super re-addicted now
how i wished i could play it everyday ;( 
miss how i would lay it everyday last time, some enthu
i seriously believe i was a female semi-pro that time
*pats own back*
hahahahahahahhaa aiyah whatever, hope i'd get to play it soon again
my hands are itching to kill some zombies man.

anw vday and vday 2 (tues) was a blast!!! sadly didn't take any pics on tues
cos i didn't bring my cam out. but wenta chinatown and got a new cam (WHEEE)
and then movie at night again, and then homez so yep
Really a big thank you to the boy fo making Mon and Tues one of the best days in 2011! keke
and planning everything in advance..secretly somemore.
Love you times infinity!!! hehehehehe *muackss*

kk starting to feel sleepy already, plus parents are waking up
shall go turn in lia0xxx hehe
more pixs to come soon! 

Have a greattttt week all~ and also a great weekend! 
will be back asap. heh