February 3, 2011


hehe jst got bck frm chinatown with b darryl n zaus
bought alot of goodies! ok.. mostly candies lol
and alot of irrelevant stuff, really felt like shopping in khaosan haha
night market with an overload of people. oh god, am so glad to be home 

anwww new hair fo cny!!! hehe ok la maybe jst a nicer/more touched up fringe
my uncle told me not to cut my own hair again.. lol. itchy backside what
hehe lovin straight hair... am thinking of straightening it permanently!
yay nay?

anw visiting in a few hours! im sure many are excited, i mean who isn't haha
cant wait to dress up.. and dress bi up! he has a cny outfit to wear later somemore. 
okie shall go get some rest soon, long day tmr~

Have a great holiday guys! Long weekend ahead.. keke lastly.............
$$$$$$HUAT AH$$$$!!!!!!!