February 7, 2011

Hello alllllllll how was your CNY?
am jst gna summarize mine in a short post of pixs taken over the weekend
so yehhhhhh

this year i managed to wake up in time this year on the first day, for visiting.
last year i rmbed my whole family gg over to gramps and leaving me alone at home to sleep
so i didnt get to celebrate like the 'opening' there. yknw what i mean? like every year
first place to go sure is grandparents house what, then never get to go is like meh.....
kns x 10. haha

so shall start off with a handsome pic of bijouuuuu
so cute!!!! hehe muacks muacks*

so my cousin brought his spitz pup and omg bijou wont leave his ass alone!!?
he jst keeps chasing the dog and smelling its ass fo damn long!


poor doggie lol!

another celebration was at my house.... actually visited a couple of places luh
but didnt get to snap any pixs so will jst upload those i have keke
so yepppp cny party @ my homi3zzz

kpo doggie
celebrated aunt's bday at the same timeeeeeee

rchl sx weiguang dew chev zoe jon and bby came over..... to gamble with my family 
hahaahahaha b won all their $$$ lol.

heh so marv's house as usual... every year. cept tt i missed last year's cos i was at hk
but managed to go this year so gooooody! hehe massive gambling den there.
im sucha lousy gambler, can get damn enthu about gambling right but once i play and start to lose
(and i mean lose like 2 bux 4 bux 6bux...) tt kind i get damn angry
gimme win like $2 i also happy yknw!!!! 

I rmbered at my house i won one of the round and got $2 and i was all like
"YESSSS!!!" punch fist in the air and do happy dance* kind
then weiguang asked me
"You happy ah like that? like really deep in your heart happy ah?"
*looks at me in disbelief*
then i like "YAAAA" hahahahahaha
and he give me those face palm kinda look.... haiz. me and my little joys in life

so back to gambling at marv's...  played fo like an hour plus, won $2 happy happy
go in the room and sleep. hahaha enough fo the night.. maybe cos im afraid of losing also uh.
like i dont understand how ppl can lose like hundereds to thousands in gambling!??
like walao, tt amt can get you alot of things know!
*shakes head*

dont be deceived by Solo's 'cool act' he puts up everytime you see him in town hor
he's actually very kuku and himbotic. SWEAAR.
see my camera already:
"eh camwhore with me leh, plsplspls *begs i damn long nvr camwhore, forget the feeling alr"
erm... hahaahahaha ok.
then he play computer game also like stupid hahah he played those shooting games then
like halfway he was shouting "CB FUCK idk whos shooting me!!! omg"
then dew was like "next time you go army you sure fail"
hahahahhah i was half asleep and when i heard tt i woke up laughing

just try to create a mental image of solo on the training ground with a gun
getting "shot" and then jst standing in the middle not knowing whos shooting him...

still gambling...  i think it was like 3-4am already. all the hardcore gamblers on form

Hahaha kk and lastly...... i made an interesting discovery.
I have discovered Solomon's hobby, and its shaking his ass.
Solo if you're reading this do you recognise this pic?
hahah those who've been reading me since livejournal should have came across this pic.
this was taken like in Oct 2007, a pic of solo doing his butt dance
and now introducing Solo in 2011....
 make gif
I think he practices this at home. hahahahahaha some pro now

and to sum up this post, a very fail 'group shot' taken by... owell guess who? haha
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wasnt tt hard to guess was it? hehehhehahaha!!!