February 1, 2011


heheh how's everyone's preparation fo CNY? in happening in 2 days!
wheeeeee, here comes the $$$.
tho i doubt i'll be visiting much... its like no one does alot of visiting nowadays right
last time when I was a kid it was WAYYY easier, jst tag along with this aunty tt aunty
then go anywhere also people will give you hongbao.
Now? Old already no one cares about me already man :( sobs*
but i can't wait fo cny gambling!!!! shiok hahahaha

anyhooos so pixs from the past 2 days.. reunion steamboat with thr girlies
kinda sucked tt Nat couldn't joins us, poor girl got gastric flu.

so it was held at K's
I love her house!!! its sooo hugeeeeee
we ate at the open area at the back kitchen 
the weather was so friggin awesome tt we didn't have to turn the fan on!
sibei healthy steamboat. seriously, damn healthy. i dont even know where to begin
apparently sacha had all the time in the world to make hello kitty pineapple tarts... lol

wanted to karaoke.... looks like some ktv room right!!?
bt didn't in the end cos K's mum gta sleep early :(
Snuggles... who apparently hates me to death. Maybe she smelt bijou or smth but
she doesnt like me!!! from the moment i arrived at her house it kept howling and barking at me zzz
then it tried to bite me also!!! ;(

hanged out with the rest till like 1am or so and left.... her room is so freaking awesome
i jst wna sleep there forever. hahahahahahahhaha
so comfy la! plus the weather ah.... combo. Hahahha can't wait to go back there

meh, so this was ytd.........
 my skin is so dry........ ohgod..
 my darling baby bijouuuuuu
 he's always like this when I wna go out. lie on the floor and act 可怜
ahahhha make me guilty fo leaving the house only.

wenta meet b at town to supposedly..Shop.
But didn't get anything much at all cept fo errr those barang barang from Daiso
and this damn cute bralet from Topshop. Meh, shopping=Fail.
But its ok la, not spending alot of money felt good anw. hehehehee

met up w Dx n Daryl fo awhile at Old Town later at night
 i very aunty already hor?
see this aunty below...
and the boy just looks bald here. huahuahuahuahua

I think I got poisoned last 9t.. either from the unfresh crabmeat xlb frm DTF
or the milk tea from Old Town. Fucking bad stomachache last 9t
gta force puke all cos i felt super like shit.. omg. almost died. haha

gna go do eyelash extensions later! hehe mad excited but also damn scared
cos the last time i did it, hated it to the core and plucked it all out th nxt day
hahahaha so hard to maintain la? so im gna try it one more time... n if i hate it

oookie so updates on the fashion bloggie
I needa go fix my lappy first, in order fo everything to be complete haha
and get a new cam.. so i shall research on a new cam fo the time being and when its
confirmed i'll let you guys know again! keke *excites*

k la k la, i needa go cook bijou his dinner. grandma wont stop nagging at me
OMG i got like something to complain abt, urghhhhhh so pissed.
shalll blog about it in the next post,

okie! Have a great Tuesday guys.. n Happy February!!! muacks muacks*