February 22, 2011

okkiie since im bored to death at home with the worst headache of the century..
i might as well blog. haha

took me like one week to upload this bunch of photos cos the size was so big!
taken with my new baby, the d60.. heheh i still have another batch to upload... oh god.

ANW. post vday dindin with my babydolls hehehe and everyone was present!
so happpppppy
ate at u usual spot, Marche! tho i find that the standard of their food dropped
tremendously as compared to last time. and also the outlet in 313 is soooo small! ;(
I miss the old one at erm... i can't rmb.. was it Heeren? Heeren right? yeh haha.


lo and behold... a super retarded pic of me... hahahahaha


then we wenta take neoprints.... and omg WORST EXPERIENCE EVER?
will elaborate later......
some camwhore shots of us first! hehehe

OKKK im gna complain about the staff who was working at the neoprint shop.
her attitude was HORRIBLE, like the story is so long and im quite lazy to elaborate but kk i shall
type it all in point form..... let's nickname the staff erm..Banana.
 So firstly..
  • Clara wanted to change 2 $1 coins with her for a $2 note. She rudely refused.
  • The decorating pen for the machine was spoilt and Banana took super long to fix it? like we said the time was running out and she jst stood there fiddling with it and even tho we were done she was still there sticking some scotchtape on the pen. WTF
  • Refused to take in our money to change it for the "tokens" fo the machine when we wanted to retake the second time
Okay so we gave like $7 worth of coins but we didn't realise that we couldn't change
like more than $5 worth of coins.. but instead of just saying the normal 
"sorry we don't accept coins of more than $5" she just gave like an attitude and even scolded
Clara for giving coins!!!!!

  •  outraged, Clara took out her phone to try to snap a photo of her to complain but she fiercely grabbed C's phone off her hands (SO RUDE RIGHT)
  • she then FLICKED all our coins off the table top and threw the coins all at Clara.
  • we demanded an apology and for her to pick up the coins as its was so fucking rude? but she refused.
Best part was... guess what she did next?
 I mean like????! WTF? I was shocked luh, the balls she had to give us attitude, scold us,
throw our money on the floor and like as if that wasn't bad enough she swept our money 
out of the shop.
If she could understand (i highly suspect she's from China btw) I would have told her in her face
that our $7 is probably worth more than her manners and respect for people.
Seriously, what an atrocious attitude.
  • She even asked Clara to "Go to Hell" and went like "cheebaiiiiii" at her. seriously, her mouth must watch out abit.
  • SO we told her to call her boss cos we wanted to speak to him/her so Banana did and she went to explain her side of the story to her boss first 
nevermind that part we understand.......
but what's worst was
  • Once He was on the phone with Clara he started shouting and scolding C , scolding her for being rude to his worker and even said something about her parents blablabla
You don't say such things to your customer? I mean you don't even listen to what the customer 
have to say first before shooting words out of his filthy mouth. STRAIGHTAWAY ok?
At first when i thought explaining to the boss would work but I was shocked when
Clara started shouting at the Boss on the phone and asking him to listen to her and all
BUT NOOOOO he immediately took Banana's side.
  • while talking to the Boss, Clara took out her water btl to have a sip of water.. and Banana suddenly shouted at her like "HOI CANNOT SEE AH! NO FOOD AND DRINK LEH STOP DRINKING YOUR WATER LAH!!!" 
infront of the security, patrons and us. she jst shouted like that?

really is SMLJ
lost for words.

Never experienced such service before. Bloody douches.

In the end the security came and told us to lodge a complaint to the management
instead of their *pukes* Boss cos apparently that was of no use. So yeah and we left
the guards even told us that there were many many many complaints from people about
that shop too. haha why am i even surprised? with a staff like that? Jeez.
OH BTW, Banana never did apologise at all for that matter. So gross right. Pui.
Will NEVER EVER patronize there again, unless im dying for a neoprint, other than that
I rather not let them earn my money. Hmpf.

old town after that to chill fo abit before heading homi3z.

lol @ me. hehe

whooooopi3z!!! most prolly am flying to HKG nxt week!
decided today cos i was so bored with staying in sgp and there's nth to do
soooo i shall go on a holiday!!!!!
sadly its gna be a low budget trip ;( mum's not going and she doesn't wna gimme $
(cos she doesn't want me to go) zzzzzz but walao im gna be broke after buying
air tixs.. since im paying as i insisted tht i shld go. hahahah

but she wont be so bad la hor? no money nvm, but eat and travel all how!!!
wait i lost leh? huahuahuahuahua. sian, but whatever it is im still gg
go there breathe hong kong air also can. hmpf

sian if only she'd go...lol

orrrighty then. im sho boredx might jst turn in early
've been cooping myself up at home, i save myself $$$ like that
okiedokes have a great week ahead all!