March 18, 2011

Helllooooo boring week, boring Friday!

so anyway, i would like to know how many of you prepare home-cooked food
for your dogs?
I do! hehe
hehehe Bijou is so precious but he's kinda spoilt, he no longer eats his dry kibbles
on its own.. not even when I mix them with this wet food!!! Hahah super naughty la.
photo taken last year when I jst got him... super cute right? Not as naughty and crazy as now.
Yes, Home cooked food for your doggies. I tried googling on why its better to cook your own food for your pets,  and here are some:

"Buying food that has already been cooked for you always costs more than food you have to cook yourself. This applies to dog food as well. It would be cheaper for you to buy raw food and make home made dog food. You can see what's on sale at the grocery store that week and use that to prepare your dog's food"

"Most people that have yet to switch to home made dog food are not aware that commercial food contains harmful ingredients. The chemicals used for preservatives can build up in your dog's system over time and cause stomach, liver, or spleen cancer. They can cause your dog to suffer from a number of allergies." 

"Most dog foods lack the nutrients that dogs really need. Just like humans beings, dogs neccesitate a complete variety of food nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals How do you know if the labels of each dog food in the market are actually true? Is it really 50 to 60 % protein? How about the carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals?"

sources were from different websites i tried... so i copy and pasted the main points here.
Doesn't sound as good as you think right!!!
I've always had people tell me not to give Bijou wet food as it contains mostly
unwanted parts/lots of sodium and its not good for the skin. Ever since then I just give
like a teaspoon worth of it, just to be safe!

so my mum, aunt and I decided to start cooking for him heheh
and here are some benefits of cooking fo your doggies...

"Home cooked meals contains no artificial ingredients. You can be assured of this because it’s just like our own food. If foods with preservatives are not good for us, the same thing applies to our dogs too"

"Since we have an option to add vegetables and other foods rich in vitamins and minerals to our dog’s food, we can make the coats of our canine friend vibrant than ever"

cause I really want Bijou's coat to remain as brownish/reddish as ever!
i've ever seen cases of toy poods with super light hair color, idk why it fades or what
but I don't want bi's to fade!!!! nooooooooooo~~~~~~~~
so gta take extra precaution :)

Bijou takes Fish oil everyday with his dinner. You can get it at the pet store.
Apparently it's good for your dog's health and skin and everything else! haha
He's been taking it since he was a puppy and yup, he's very healthy :)

"It has the nutrients that we can’t find in most commercial dog food. Because we are going to cook them, we can manage the proportions of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals."

"the preparation of a good home diet (either raw or cooked) will promote health and longevity, and end up with reduced vet bills in the long term, because the dog has been provided a balanced diet with minimal chemical additives, and a low processed diet."
but of cos not everyone has the time to do it since its pretty time consuming 
sometimes I wouldn't be home and someone else gta cook for him! 
one of the disadvantages :(

So today, I've decided to share some home-cooked recipes that I've came up with
for my baby Bijouuuuuu hehehe.

Doggy Recipe 1
Ingredients: Frozen Mixed Vegetables, Brown Rice
Burp, Kangaroo and Chicken meat (wet food) 
Science Diet, for Puppy/Small bites (dry food) 
Fish4Dogs Salmon oil (Fish oil for skin) *optional

*im just stating the brand of food for your information only! 
not asking you to change or anything, you can stick to the ones that you're currently using*
  1. Boil frozen mixed vegetables for about 5-10 minutes
  2. Mix 1 tsp of wet food with 1-2 tbsp of dry food in food bowl
  3. After vegetables are boiled, drain excess water and add veggies
  4. into the bowl and mix with Step 2.
  5. Add in brown rice (usually cooked already as it's our dinner haha) 
  6. Add in 1 tsp of fish oil and mix well

Doggie Recipe 2
Ingredients are pretty much the same except that instead of the frozen mixed vegs
i used chopped Broccolli, Cauliflower and Carrots!
steps and all are then repeated

Doggie Recipe 3
Ingredients: Chopped Carrots, 1 Egg, Chicken Meat, Dry food/Rice
Fish Oil (optional)
  1. Boiled chopped carrots, egg and  Chicken meat (separately)
  2. Mix 1. well in food bowl
  3. Add either dry food/rice into bowl and mix 
  4. add 1tsp of fish oil
  5. DONE
TADAAAA so easy right. Hahha 
btw portions are according to my dog's size so you got to estimate how much 
to add based on your dog's! if you gna feed my portion to a golden retriever i think
that poor gougou will be starving by the end of the day!!! Hahahah.

Its not compulsary to add EXACTLY what I did, I mean you can if you want
but you can customize your own recipes in whichever way is convenient for you
and to your dog's liking. those 3 recipes are just like a guideline for some of you, if you decide to create your own for your own dogs.
But do make sure you research your ingredients before using them
cos some food that are okay for us might not be okay for your dogs! 
need to bear that in mind :)

yup, bijou all grown up! so big and naughty now. 
am thinking of getting a female companion for him..... AHHHH me wants :(

if you guys already have your recipes that you've been using do share!!!!
share with me and others out there okay? hehehehhe

I hope this post have been sort of helpful, really don't know what to blog about
and the idea of blogging about this came to me when i was shelling eggs for bijou jst now

okie dokes goodluck in your kitchen endeavour and have a great weekend ahead guys!