April 1, 2011

another random video which i took yesterday...

oki so i got really very very bored yesterday, hence this very redundant video
jst smth to entertain those who're spending their friday night home, like meeeeeeeeee
still am very sick so yes :(
if you're bored too i'll be online! hehe you can jst comment and I can talk to you from there
(thats if i don't fall asleep early) 
heh heh

So far I got many suggestions on what vlogs you guys would like to see! 
I'll try my best to do each and everyone of em, i've already taken note of
some interesting ones! 
and keep your suggestions coming in okie :)

and yes, most prolly a pixture post up next. if not too much videos also abit boring
Have a great friday/weekend all!