April 9, 2011

I'm finally back from Genting hehe, lots of pixs from the trip so i might actually take awhile
to upload and blog abt the entire trip. heh

Anyhooos boring Saturday, work later. Thought i'd do a short update :)
some pixs from the pen, cycling yesterday with the boy heh
i actually wanted to do smth like this fo quite awhile now, and finally we did it!!!!
and of cos my baby bijou came with us

while renting bikes.. i got the one with a giant basket so that bibi could sit in it
huahuahua, his very first bicycle adventure!!!

got lunch..

found a nice spot to eat hehe
my 宝贝
as usual, bijou being greedy....
ahahah the only time when he sits like this is when he wants food. tsk tsk
kekekeke my little baby is so preciousssssss!!!
didnt take any more pixs afterwards cos my hands were so sandy and i look like shit.
haha, we cycled to changi and back! it was kinda rushed as we were hurrying back to get ready
to change and head to dinner...... 

Lots of pixs from ytd night, hehe Zouk with my babies (after a million years) 
which also means, photo spam. photos of which i will prolly update tomorrow
GRAAAAH i have so many photos to post hehe good good, that also means more blog posts
good ah?


btw chanced upon this Fb community earlier on....
Yup its called 'Blur or Not' 

well im not a big fan of facebook nor am i an avid user but whenever i log in
i either look at people's photos and erm... pretty much do nothing else hahah
i don't join groups or whatsoever but today I did "Like" this one!

Basically people jst posts their or their friend's Blur moments? haha great way of sabotaging your friend! (not in a bad way la, in a funny way i mean)
I went to their wall to read some and I literally lol-ed at some!

some examples of people's blur moments... Haha.
at least now when im on fb i have something else to look at and entertain myself with
maybe I can post like Tammy's blur moments, since she's like Miss Blur Queen
she can be champion of the page already! Right Tams? Hahahahahaha

So yupppp jst something i thought i'd share!
here's the link to the page,
do check it out and "Like" it too! :)


okiedokieeee3z, will update again soonz
have a great saturday everyoneeeeee~~~~~~~~~~