April 27, 2011

Quick random update!!!!
Lots of camwhore photos myself so pardon me if it gets disturbing.

 So last week I went on a mission to hunt for the perfect Ring Light!
I first read about the Ring Light on Xiaxue's blog, and didn't think much about
it then till well... now.

There were quite a few times when I tried doing vlogs and the lighting was ultimate shit!!!
Hahahah and the video looks super not nice so I decided to delete em.
I couldn't use the light on my table cos it was a yellow light.. and the lighting for my room
was not bright enough to help my video so I was pretty lost.

I even considered using a torch light to shine at my face while i filmed. lol

so i remembered about the Ring Light!!!! Heheheh went to google about it and all
but there was so many kinds so I don't knw luh decided to go to the shops instead.

Thank god for genius Mae Tan who claims I'm a damn lousy buyer for this kinda
thing cos I don't know how to turn scammers down.........
We went to alot of shops from Chinatown, to Penin to Funan
and we finally found it! :)
 (found it at Funan! I can't rmb which shop cos we went to alot) 

so few days ago I experimented taking photos with the RL
these were taken with my dslr,

and then with photobooth...
I think the effect came out pretty nice!!!
But I think I look abit too white for the pb shots... and there was no photoshop or what
on the photos, the light jst made me so white lol.

So I already tried filming the nxt vlog that I should be posting soon
and yay! the lighting was purrrrrrrrr-fect!
Happiness, definitely my next favourite gadget :)