April 25, 2011


So last Wednesday I got to attend the BRAND's Awareness Launch 
with several other bloggers at Hotel Re! 
 Each of us had an answer sheet for the games station outside!
 the girls!

 They had Rozz from 987fm as the host along with another guy (pardon me I forgot his name!)
and yes, it was rather entertaining! 
They explained to us about how drinking Brand's would help keep
us alert in our daily lives.
With 28 global research papers to date,  
BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken is the only scientifically proven product of its kind.

 No matter how 'alert' we think we are, we actually aren't and BRAND's
together with a group of SMU students, have carried out an experiment to prove to us
how 'blur' we can be!

Here's the link to a video from Fb's community:

From the video you can see the experiment that was carried out to test Singaporean's 
awareness and you gotta admit that most of them were pretty 'blur'
 Haha. If it was me too I highly doubt that i'll notice! lol

So they had another performance whereby this guy here apparently requested for
a 50$ from an audience.
Lady who volunteered had her note vanish right before her eyes! And got a kiwi in return -_-
so he proceeded to do more "abracadabra" with candles and he even levitated a rose
made out of tissue!!!
Best part was he then asked the lady to come back up on stage with the kiwi which was uncut/
untouched/uneaten/still in one piece and he then sliced it into half
and her 50bucks was inside!!!!!!!!!! 

He confirm pro, *claps hand*

So after the performances we were well pampered with food and drinks outside
oh btw the dreamy and foggy effects on the side were from the vapour on my lens
the room was friggin cold!!! oh and i was so happy to see food cos i was so hungry. haha
nom nom nom !!!

We then participated in the game stations where we had to turn on our switches and be SUPER 
alert while playing. There were mainly 3 stations, 1st was where the magician earlier would
shuffle 3 cards infront of you and you would have to follow the Queen and try to guess it
in the end! But its not as easy as it sounds because he does it so skillfully that at the end you 
would lose the Queen!!! Haha too slow already.

2nd was where we had to guess what was wrong in a stack of $1 monopoly bills...
and 3rd was a spot the difference between several superhero pictures! And trust me,
that was the hardest Spot The Difference game I've even played. Haha!

 So we had to submit out answer sheets after that and went back in for prizegiving.
who would've thought, Jo and I both won! Together with other 30 participants who handed in 
their answers. Haha
credits to mae fo this photo!
BRAND's for us!
So yes, all of us left happy that day as all took home a box of BRAND's each!
Jo and I had 2 has we had an extra box from winning the contest, hehehe ;)

Here's something that you all can participate in too!
Organized by BRAND's and Blur or Not, here's a contest that everyone can join
and even win cold hard cash!

All you have to do is

1. Watch this video:

After that....

See! Its so easy!!! And best part is everyone and anyone can join :)
And thats not it....

So if you think you're up for it, why not grab a bottle of BRAND's and challenge yourself
in this contest and try to win! I mean no harm trying right ;)

For more information you can always go to
Blur Or Not 
& at the same time,  check out their wall posts! Lots of blur moments
contributed by many others, many videos to watch as well.
You can start by joining the community and start posting too! :)