May 16, 2011

BWAAAAA, gna finally update..... especially with photos close to a month ago
finally gna blog about girlfriend's bday at MBS!!!!!

Sorry gf this took so long, I knw you waited long :(

Oki3z sooooo
Favouritest snack till today, idk why but its super yummy!!!!
cinemas should start selling this instead of popcorn zzz


went fo lunch at the foodcourt below.. got erm super ripped off zzz

my carrot cake was yummy tho...

stupid weather?! didnt allow us to swim that day ;(

Heheh birthday girl! :)

I have this thing for checking out hotel toilets whenever I step into the hotel room
and of cos, this one must inspect. and wtf? its damn huge!!!
the shower room can like 10 people bathe tgt luh -_-

And Happy Birthday to Zaus and Samantha! Twins know!!! Hahahah
with their awesomely delicious cake. ohmtian..... nomsnomsnoms*

when there's a bathtub.. there's shixiong in it.
that night, there was a bathtub, shixiong and friendsz lol

and LOTS of camwhore photos...... lol

Hahah after the boys were done its.... GIRLS TURN.
ok la, not rly all girls, just me and eunice. lol

zaus ended up drunk and died.... everyone left so we decided to sleepover and
go swim the nxt day~~~
WHEEEE my dream!!!!!!! to swim at MBS's infinity pool

we didn't stay in the water for long tho... it was so freaking cold -_-

sooo we skipped over to the hot tub and stayed in there till erm
it was nearing checkout time. hahahaahha
hahhhahah eunice...

ROARR, so pissed cos i realised i accidentally tweaked my photo resolution
and adjusted all the photos to sucha small size?!!!>?!?!?!? LOOKS DAMN PUNY.

But nevertheless, I hope gf and her twinny enjoyed their 21st, heh
love you for life xxx!!! *muacks*

Still got alot of post..... next up is dearest coco's birthday~ hehe okie might post em up tmr
since tmr's a holiday!!!

and yes I knw i owe ni men a makeup tutorial, maybe i'll film it later on before i head out
and post by end of the week k?


soooo..... Paul Van Dyke at Zouk tonight! Who's going? :)


for more details you feel free to mail me! :)