May 7, 2011

Happy Polling Day!!!

Sorry for the lack of updates, have been preoccupied with many things and of cos
not forgetting my lazy germs getting to me.
I still have yet to upload pixs from my dearest gf's birthday and coco's birthday and erm genting.
will do so by Sunday I hope?
hehe meanwhile here's a bonus for you guys....

Yes i bet many of you secretly watched this already lor, haven't post already got alot of views..
hahahahahahaha meh, but to those who haven't gotten to watching it..tada!!
Vlog for Genting in April, heh heh heh ;)

and also... A Hair Bun tutorial which most of yall asked for
Hehehe I hope its clear enough for you!!! If its not lemme know maybe I can try 
doing another one! Told yall its rly easy for me to tie my hair bun lol 
Hope you guys learnt a thing or two! :)


anyway, not sure if most of you guys knew, tams and i did a livechat session last sunday!
entirely out of boredom, and to our surprise some of you all stayed till 4am with us!!!!
big thankyou hehe, it was rly an experience :)

was wondering if you guys would like more of livechat sessions? and I was thinking like
maybe we could have different topics and discussions every different session or smthg?
or maybe I could do a live tutorial!?!?!? hahahha like fun uh. 

suggestions people!!! I have time to kill before i start school this july hehe
hope to try out something new :D


SHO YEAH, will be back with pixs soon! Have a great Saturday all *muacks*

Ooooh btw!!! Check out Daryl's new song, Speak Now!
So proud of you D! Love you truckloads! Hope to hear more songs from you yes?