May 17, 2011

Happy Vesak Day all!!!
As said, another post with photos today! Coco must be waiting for this
Heheh her 21st Birthday celeb pixs! :)

Sooo celebrated at Safra Tanah Merah, first night was all girls night!
 hehe prezzie frm moi, her fav bear in speaker form lol.
 and from Eu, Drinking Roulette hahaha

 decorated the place.. 

dont knw what unis doing, she think she witch

Manicure session after that! Hannah brought so many btls of nail polish -_-
even got the tools luh, lol.

Birthday girl get bday treatment... 

gamess lol, lots of alcohol w truth or dare WHAHAH
everything taken in video....

gf pea came~

ya la, wna bathe then dont know come out so many stunt in the toilet
scared we open the door and take photos cos the lock was spoilt

 spent the entire night drinking and erm WHHAHAHAHA DANCING
omg so funny i won't even elaborate, but it was BEST GIRLS NIGHT EVER.

nxt day, unis and I cycled to my HOME. yes cycled so i cld bathe and change cos
i didn't bring clothes to wear fo the nxt day, so yesssssss and nxt night was celebration night!

 seee, coco so prettyyyy~~~~

her sibei chio birthday cake.

everyone came, the boys turn to join us..

gay beyond words, don't know whats going on in his brain la?!

birthday cake time~ hehe

we're all in our own world..... omtian

HAPPY 21st COLLEEN!!!!  

Round #2 of ladies night that week after her bday!

Zouk with the girls again, partying after sucha long time. oh my tian~
and this time with the girls somemore!!!

Wahaha had damn alot to drink that night. Apparently it was alot of people's 'birthdays'
don't know if its real or just an excuse to make us drink but yeh, random people keep saying
their's friends bday and all blalblabla. these guys even bought like one tray of shots to share w us
and his birthday boy/friend. lol!

wa wa wa wa unis

pea came after that fo a short while~~~~

Yay!!! Awesome girls night out. This coco ah, birthday celebrate over many days
hahahahahahahahaha sibei special.
But owell, I hope everyone had fun~ I did fo sure. Wahahahahahaa *spins in circles*
Better not forget your 21st ah Colleen! :D

So yes, finally all birthday posts up! Now i feel more accomplished keke
Im super bored la, what a Tuesday. Am hoping tmr will be better, PLEASE BE.

my life is sucha stupid hell hole now, pft. Too much retail therapy this month too
im BROKE, haix. Owell~

Gna meet the girls and boy fo frog leg porridge in awhile, need more
girl therapy asap!!!ROARRRRRR

okiedokes, will be back with more photos and vlogssssss (hopefully) hehe
Have a happy holiday all! x