May 23, 2011

Hey everyone, how's waaaas your weekend?
Back with some photos from last week!

Meet my new found happiness!!!
Yes, all 5 of em my dearest lovelovelovelovelove x10!
tho not everyone was present with us at zouk last week... still love la k?
Haha, another ladies night fo us girls.....

Oooo yeh! Happened to be Alissa's 18th Birthday celebration too, so she came and celebrated with us
Happy 18th girl! Hw does it feel to be legal now? hehehehe

bday girl drinks first!!!

i swear smth's wrong w my fringe nowadays... like o.o damn fugly please.

awww so loved. hehehhehe *blush*

hahahaah coco qtpi3z!

Yay! then dx and tams came to join us later.....

this dingboon ah... all of us had like almost enough to drink but she had
to order more shots. walao?!
hehe my 2 twinnies <3

aww hehe ^^
great night with the girls, tho eu had to leave early ;( pftttt.

another group of photos that i've yet to post from dingxuan's birthday!
so many birthdays in May, 3 consecutive weeks at zouk from birthdays
and one more this coming week, why everyone so happening :(
tho i really have no idea how to celebrate mine.. actually not thinking of celebrating
but instead use the $$$ to go on a holiday! right right right? 

meh, plus its too late to book a place anywhere as well so im pretty much stuck


omggggggg jst rmbered that i haven't posted a vlog in so long.
AHHHH so sorry omg, have been rly busy these few days i've been neglecting so many things
haix, so much stress! gna grow a whole head of white hair already.

OHWELL! shall upload the rest of the photos in a couple of days
and of cos work on a new vlog real soonzies fo you babies :D