May 25, 2011

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack, figured that after this weekend I'll have tons of photos to clear
so i might as well upload this batch first! hehe
So last weekend we celebrated out baby dingxuan twiggs birthday!!!!
Lao aunty already still carry Little Mermaid balloons to Zouk 

Met up at Haji at tam's boutique to surprise her with balloons and mini cakes
hehehe some threesome party ;)

then off to zouki3zz~
*sidenote/ FUCK MY FRINGE!!!

i see the alcohol my stomach will flip *pukes*

tam tam strutting her stuff in zouk in her ridiculously high JC platforms and erm 
well, half naked. whahahaahahahahaha

im surprised at how we still manage to take photos like that when there was so much chaos
going on behind us, everyone was literally shoving their way past us in both direction

then sonia came to join us!

ya ya ya must camwhore before tammy left, hahahaha GET A ROOM GUYS!

hehehe *blush*
dx why your face like that!!! drunk already? hehehehe

*muacks muacks muacks*
Wahahah final pose!!! 
No more photos after this cos err... we jst stopped taking pics.
I can't rmb what went on for the rest of the night cos i ended up pretty drunk
all cos I forgot to eat that day, #fml.
But acc to Sonia I was alright the whole time hahahahha (wtf) 
all i rmbered was reaching home after everything and emptying my entire tummy into
my toilet bowl *dies*

Lesson Learnt: Never drink on an empty stomach! (rmb that)

nevertheless, I hope bb dx was happy! I hope you like my balloons dingboon!
me love you forever and ever till death shall do you me and tams apart
*slaps a big wet kiss onto your face*


am so stoked for tmr!!! USS for the third time with the girls, yipeeeeeeeee!
mad excited, super love USS luh. Its the closest to the feeling of 'not being in singapore'
let me feel that for a few hours I also happy, wahahaha ;)
looks like a promising weekend ahead, hopefully it'll help me unwind.
I deserve a really good break, my mind needs to rest

and also...

6 more days till promo ends! 
By the way you can reserve dates for ads to be posted after May, just confirm and
make payment before the end of May and you can choose when you want the ad to 
be posted :)
For more enquiries do mail me at (my email above haha)

have an enjoyable week ahead all!