June 9, 2011


Good news all! I have something great to share with everyone! :)

Went to the PC show today, being a kiasu Singaporean I obviously chose to 
go on a Thurs... instead of a weekend to avoid traffic AND human jam.
 it was already getting pretty crowded.. for a Thursday.

Popped over to the M1 booth to check out their latest promotions
Not sure if you all have heard of the 'Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network'
which is commonly known as the Optical Fibre Network
It's a broadband network which works so so so much faster than the normal network we're
all using now. So imagine surfing the net like 10x or more faster.......

So yep, for this PC show they had many promotions going on 
whereby you get good deals by singing up for the Fibre Optic Broadband Network (FBON) with M1!
By signing up for the FOBN you get to choose between 3 different laptops for free, 
depending on which subscription you're going for.
So if you don't have a computer you can just sign up for the network and get one! 
Good right?

Hehe so many people checking out the lappy's..

There is one promotion in particular where you'll get an additional Free Kung Fu Panda 2
snap-on Notebook cover for free as well!
 so cute right, your laptop would be super outstanding amongst everyone else's 
and not to mention well protected ;)

Not only are there laptops to be given along with your subscription but there is the
Samsung Smart TV
 Apparently you can surf the net with this tv.. Hahaha like use twitter and fb all
so imagine tweeting from your television, how convenient!
Also yours for free with the subscription of the FOBN :)

With every subscription, you each stand to get a chance to participate in a lucky draw!
With prizes worth a total of $60,000 to be won!
 is 1 laptop not enough? stand a chance to win another one or a new phone in the draw! 

lots and lots of people were already in the queue by the time i was there.. and they kept coming in

Lots of other promotions going on..
 M1 currently has the cheapest deals in town for the FOBN, in comparison to the other subscribers

M1      : 50Mbps at $29.90
Singtel: 50Mbps at $59.90
Starhub: 50Mbps at $56.92


Hurry head down to the PC show at Suntec Convention Hall, Level 6
there'll be lots of staff in the signature M1 Orange to help you with your enquiries!

So yes, what are you waiting for?!!!!!!!