June 4, 2011

Happy Bird Poop Day!

pixs from USS last week.......or was it last last week..? 
Yeh whichever, haha. USS for the third time (should be member already la) and this
time with the girls!!!!

here's my boooooteefool mole~

car wash first cos the car was dressed in bid poop, yuck
and i didn't know that car wash these days are operated by human hands
like humans actually wash the cars for you, no more going into those machine thing
with huge brushes and stuff... walao!!! I used to be excited to go to the car wash cos of that
then now its like, Meh *shrugs*
and at one time i was so scared the guy will open the door and i went to lock it.

this coco is sibei excited to go, she cant stop prancing around like a little girl
saying like 'omgomgomg damn excited' hahahahaha

& we're there!!!
went on the new madagascar crate ride thingy... erm?? wasn't that fun hahaha
pft cheated on my feelings

merry go round.. coco insisted that we took all the rides haha

my bun of destruction as compared to van tang's bun.
personally i think hers is normal, mine is jst abnormal..

everyone was dressed so prettily in colourful dresses and lazy me, cropped white tee and denim shorts
so 'La-ta" 

Taking photos infront of my *coughs* home. Hahahahahahahahahaha

& finally the only thing i was excited about...
past 2 times i was here i only saw people eating an exclaiming about how awesome it was
so finally i got one for myself.......
so awesome. om nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom 
I would very much like one now :(

weather was bein a bitch that day, SO DAMN WARM......, omg

hehehehe battlestar.... ten thumbs up!!! 
Tho I dont have 10 thumbs, i'll find 8 more to support my statement, wahahah 
But personally I find the red one more scary than the blue one?
The blue one is only fun when it goes upside down ;(
OWELL, nevertheless it was fun! hehe

and last ride was the Jurassic Park water ride (forgot the name)
I was SUPER determined to take this again bcos for the first 2 times I took it
I came out SOAKING wet despite wearing the poncho during the second time i took it.
First time I didn't so i regretted, second time wear also can get wet eh!?!?!?

So this time, finally with determination I went to take it anddddd
I was so happy when I came out of it I could jump circles and punch my fist up in the air
and do cartwheels all~~~ whoooo.

We were also abit kiasu la, tied knots on the opening for the arms all 

Left USS shortly after.... walked around RWS and found like this super HUGE candy shop
candylicious I think...?

bought candies and reeses~~~~~ noms.
tho im not a very sweet-toothed person, just buy uh... 'souvenir'? wahaha

and I recently jst found out Parkway has candylicious too -_-
jst that the shop is prolly 1/15th smaller than the one in RWS 
So yehhhhhh, USS was fun!!! I'm so glad Van tang got to go with us before leaving fo Melbs :(
only a few more days before she leaves, why is everyone leaving!!!
I wna go too can can can can? *sulks*

Haven't been bringing my camera out these few days...... ever since I decided to bring my
eepoot out so prolly will have more photos from it fo the nxt few posts!
something different uh, if not everytime same kinda photos also boring. wahaha
will do up a post of photography apps Im using too! So yes~ :)

anw.. have been getting quite a handful of comments about my r/s 
I don't usually delete comments or not answer, i try my best to answer all of your
comments but for these I won't.
I don't wish to as well so... I'm sorry.
You guys can choose to judge and decide what you all think but its just 
something personal that I do not wish to talk about.
Hope that you all will understand 
(tho I know a handful wont and will start hating and bitching and all)
I can't live to make everyone happy also right?

Love me or hate me its your choice....... me iz no force chiuzzz
But for this issue, please leave it alone. Thank you very much

Okie, so I hope everyone will have a blessed and awesome weekend ahead
vlog next week!!! promise! xxx