June 30, 2011

Hellllo, so I'm back quite promptly after my previous post
needa inject some life back to this space, no choice, I wont want you guys to think I died
or disappeared off the face of the earth hehe

So anyway, I would like to share with you all a couple of things or so

Last thursday saw me at  LIVE IT UP: ROMP Party at Zirca
most of yall should have heard about it by now, a dance showcase followed
up by a whole night of partying for youths aged 16 and above
Which means, partying without alcohol and making your happy hour last longer :)

You can find posters all around Zirca that night telling us how we can enjoy
without binge drinking!
"Water on the Rocks"
 "Cranberry Shooters"
"Frozen Orange Juice"
We can all enjoy partying just like everyone did that night without having a drink
(or if you're above 18) drinking moderately and no end up lying face flat outside
the club.... which is pretty embarrassing no?

So besides living it up with drinking, we can also 
Live It Up Without Lighting Up

For those who don't smoke out there I'd highly encourage you to not pick up smoking!!!
(like me!!!) heheh alot of you have asked if I do and I do not! Haha tho I know it looks
like I do cos I hang out with most friends who do smoke... But in actual fact I don't like
the smell of it... plus it stays in your hair and mouth and fingers *faints*

You don't have to start smoking to fit in with your friends and such.. imagine how much
$$$ a smoker spends on ciggies. Overtime you'll realise with that money you can SO MANY THINGS!
I have friends who smoke and now kinda regret cos they themselves admit that its a waste of
money but to quit the habit takes alot of willpower to do so.
And not only that its really really bad for health, I'm sure many of you have learnt in pri/sec school
that a cigarette contains ALOT OF CHEMICALS, which are super harmful to your body
why slowly kill your body like that :(

The Health Promotion Board currently has a webbie called, Breathe.sg
A user friendly website, very youth orientated and brimming with information
and help for teens out there who may happen to face problems with drinking and smoking
Not only do they cover smoking and drinking but they have health and relationship topics as well :)
a website worth checking out every now and then to read up on latest updates on tips and help
that definitely would be beneficial to you someday ;)

So yessssss

"Who needs to rely on binge drinking, smoking or unsafe sex to have fun?

You can live it up without giving in to peer pressure and other risky stuff.
And when you choose life because you know what's what, now that's cool."