June 12, 2011


 I like this green piece! Although im not a big fan of color! hehe

"Fabricked is your essential party survival kit!

Featuring a wide range of beautiful dresses, Fabricked would get you ready for that party or special occasion! From sexy bodycon dresses to flowy maxis, you'd be spoilt for choice! Throw on a blazer and you could wear these dresses to work! After work, it's party rocking time!

All of the dresses are of very good quality, combining both style and comfort because Fabricked believes in only serving the best to customers!"

Recently I've been sent a dress by Fabricked
the owner was really nice and observant! 
She realised that I'm ALWAYS in black and she personally chose this dress for me :)
And in the shade of black too! there's 2 other colors apart from black to choose from
but being me, of cos I stuck to black. heh heh

Honestly I'm not a 'tight dress' or should i say 'bodycon' dress type of person 
so having to wear this dress was something new for me!
I was always afriad of it being too body hugging and might push my fats out and all
(which also explains why all my clothing are oversized!)

But surprisingly enough the dress I was sent was a perfect fit!
Clung on to the right areas as well ;)
See! Madly in love with the fitting. And the material is a plus too! Very nice and soft
material and dress is not sheer, padded bustier (so you don't have to wear a bra)
Overally the quality of the dress is really good :)

Fabricked also has lots of other dresses suited for different occasions, you can find dresses
to wear for both day and night activities! Very versatile

You get to look nice without being too "over" with your dressing
Perfect for a whole weekend out!
Check out what's available at Fabricked HERE and be a fan of Fabricked HERE !

They've also jst launched a new collection!
Click> http://fabricked.livejournal.com/5251.html to be directed straight to it :)

Go go go get your pretty dresses from Fabricked now!