June 27, 2011

Pardon for long hiatus.... haven't been home most of the time. hehe
either that or i've been sleeping alot /:

and its exactly  MONTH since kyla's bday hahahahahhaa and im
uploading her photos today! (what a bad friend *beats ownself*)
Sorry K ;(

So yesssss, Kyla's birthday at Zouk!
Nat's first night out at Zouk hahahhahaha ;P

random group of guys who joined us for drinks...

they even opened a bottle of champagne for K cos it was her bday.. some friendly? haha

VTANG!!!!!!!!!!! misss you :(

HAHHAH random girl who puked right infront of us...
i cant rmb who took this photo la but lol!?!?
boooooooo, hehe her birthday ended well!
Had a room at Pan Pacific, so headed there after that night with the girls for a sleepover!
No photos from then cos we all were pretty smashed from that night
and hungover the next morning. Lol.... but nonetheless I hope the birthday girl had fun!
And I miss my birdies!!!1 can we please meet up soonziessss?????

so recently i went to get my nails done at Grace's Loft!
the shop is pretty new and very nicely furnished :)
 zebra printed walls!!!

besides being a nail parlor the shops also brings in clothings handpicked from
various countries around the world~
they have accessories and footwear too!

 so besides the standard OPI nail polishes they also have the OPI soft gel and Gelish!
Most of you all might have heard of gel polishes by now whereby these polishes actually
last up on 21 days on your nails without chipping or losing its shine
Oh and if im not wrong its really hard so your nails wouldn't break that easily with the
polish on and you can actually start growing your nails!
(if yours tend to break or you like to bite them) haha

My nail design!!!! Polka dots with blingbling! ☺☺☺
Heh me and my chio nails!!!!!!! Happiness! :)

Grace Loft is located at:
50 East Coast Road, Roxy Square #02-125
Tel: 63486626

Grace Loft is currently having a 50% off selected apparels now for the GSS!

And a special deal for all readers, there'll be an extra 10% off all nail services
when you mention "PONY/DONNA"
Heh so hurry hurry down and get your nails done! hehe :)