June 16, 2011


SHOPATHYPED is a webstore specially offering pre-orders for the latest apparels ranging from
shops, clothing items and accessories all at very affordable prices! 

And of course the one which caught my eyes would be their:

 Birkenstocks!!!! So happy bacause I've always wanted to get a pair for myself  but
by the time I always head out and reach their stores it would be closed/don't have the one
that I want..... yes, being the owl that I am i needa start heading out earlier. Hehe

But no fret now, cos I've decided to order a pair from them! Lots of different models and colors
to choose from too :)

 I also like their Christopher Kane inspired pieces, recently lauched for preorder too!
 ultimate favourite piece!!!!!!! Its so pretty, plus its oversized!!!!!! *salivates*

And not forgetting the latest craze, Flatforms!
Featuring 2 of my favourite from the store..
Great to pair with anything... I think if I owned a pair of Flatforms I would be wearing
it everyday........ seeing that its high and comfy. Why not!

The webstore also offers daily and frequent updates on the whereabouts of your packages
and when it would arrive and all. Super efficient luh! Im always skeptical about ordering
from sprees all because I know I gta wait a super long time and being super impatient
I really don't like waiting and not knowing where my items are. Heh heh

Can't wait to order my birkies!!!!!!!
Click HERE 
to check out the latest items available now :)

So I haven't uploaded a vlog in ages.... 
SO here's one!
An introduction to some of the photo apps I actually used for my previous few posts:
So yes.... Hope it helped? 

Oki3 dokes, Happy Friday all!!!!! :)