July 28, 2011


  Dirty Bling's a webstore where you'll find the latest fashion pieces and accessories at
the most affordable prices!
Ranging from casual wear to formal party dresses, and a big variety of tops, there's something
there for everyone :)

They also have the Double Finger Silver cross ring only at SGD10!
So the owner of Dirty Bling sent me 2 pieces of dress which I picked from their webstore
A polka dotted maxi
 SUPER IN LOVE with this dress!!! I've already worn it out almost twice and its so comfortable!
The fitting was perfect and material wise was great as well. I could pair it with any bag/footwear and
head out instantly!

Another piece was the Low V back Leopard Print dress..
I love love love the back!!! The dress is so cute with the flair at the bottom.. I super love flair skirts/dresses. And you could pair this with flats/open toed footwear for a casual day out or
a pair of wedges for a smart casual look! Super versatile!

Can't thank DirtyBling more for these two pieces :)

Here is their latest Collection 44, and some of their pieces featured
 Really chio flatforms!!!

So do head over to check out their latest collection!


And also their "Like" their facebook page and get the latest updates!

(Click on the images to be directed to the page) 

For a special promotion for you readers, just quote DONNA/PONY for a 10% off
What's available at their webstore!
Hope that you guys have a great time shopping ☺☺☺


So i haven't gotten up upload some of my old photos, shall upload some party pixs!
this night was quite sometime ago.. the day I dyed and trimmed my hair, heheheheh
 super red hair, and i was so happy luh!!!!!!!!! the red was damn chio. lol ;P

my ultimate fav.... KISS OF DEATH. Huahuahuahuahuahuahua
have been raving about it on twitter, looks super harmless right

then sotplugmama came!!! after lying that she wouldn't.... wna make special appearance all.
sorry couldn't help it.

btw. if you guys didn't know, they're twin sisters. ☺ lol.
see the resemblance? hehe.

Heh heh, that was most of it. Got to say another one of the best night hands down at zouk
without drama papa yaya all. GIRLS NIGHT OUT, always the best (Y)
Love all my 宝贝s!!!

Another night was erm... 2weeks ago or so? My very first virgin trip to Neverland
never expected the place to be so HUGE! Ok... maybe not SO but as compared to Nana
so much bigger. haha!

and yes was quite a night! Gta say it was quite a fun place tho..... haha!
Didn't stay long to conclude my night but it was overall fun~
Smiled, played, laughed, cried all in a night.. OOOOO WHAT A NIGHT


Happy Happy Thursday everyone..... I'm so bummed. can't believe my holidays are NUMBERED
school starts next monday and I don't know how I'm gna adapt to starting school when
i've been bumming around for a year and a half or so?
ROARRRRRRRRR  super scared.. and not to mention i've got a really shitty timetable
Haiz, on a brighter note, school's in the central area so its really easy to meet my friends
after school! Hehehehehhehehe.
BUT AIYAH the thought of waking up early and all makes me wna cry.

OWELL. No choice, need to motivate myself! You can do it Don don!!! *pats own back*
For those who asked... I'll be studying in NAFA, & taking Fashion M&M. Yup!
Anyone in the same course? Lol *shy*


Booo I still have so much to update ☹
Will break it down into more posts which will be up soon. hehe
Sorry for the lack of posts these days, have been a big fat lazy queen of procrastination bumz

Gna wake the sleeping pea neow, its already 5!!!! OMT
OKIEDOKES, baibai! ☃