July 22, 2011

happiness is often, short lived.

so i finally took my pen out on wednesday..

haji twice in a row this week! happy to see my 宝贝大米 (tammy) hehe

my 1.5l bottle of water i finished even before the end of the day, some water tank.

 failed attempt #3 on finding a nice bday dress.. seriously everything in singapore is almost the same
and majority are from bangkok. its getting depressing to actually shop here *sulks*

new addiction: ice cream with waffles
 ok maybe not addiction, maybe its just me being pmsy and craving for comfort food when
i was moody. and by that time i was super moody cos i couldn't find a new dress. zz

chips after where friend's had a little to drink, and home!


this week i've been showered with hello kitty goodness!!!
dearest eunice came back from hongkong with a big bag of HK things fo me
and i literally stuffed my head in when she passed the bag to me...
so freaking awesome!?!?!?!?!?!??!
Hehehehe Early birthday prezzie from that girl *muacks* THANKU BB

 and also....
Hello Kitty PEZ candies from dearest pea for me on a moody sunday
 Made my Sunday better, instant happy face


OWELL. That was wednesday... today's looking really zzz already
up at 630am cos I slept at 10plus last night. Haha what an odd timing (for me)

anw a small favor from you all... hehe
Currently there's an ongoing competition by Chinatown whereby they're looking for
their next cover girl, and I'm in it!!!
Was hoping you guys could help support by "Like" -ing my photo! ☺

Its really easy! Just look for the page "Half Price Tuesday" and 'Like' the group
(for your convenience you can click on the image abv to be directed to the page)

scroll down till you see my post and help to "Like" ?
Hehehehehehe THANKU *blush*
and thank you to those who've already liked, flying kisses for you all


will be back on the weekends with a full blog post and advertorial! Do look out for itz
hehe. off to spend th rest of my morning editing my upcoming vlogs and well....
hope the rest of my day/night will go well x

Have a great friday all!