July 15, 2011

Loots from a mini shopping day out with lousybadpea and cocodung :)
Haven't shopped in ages so was pretty happy although it wasn't much 
Kinda disappointed that I haven't gotten any pieces of clothing tho.......

from left: Black Studded Flats, Assorted socks from Topshop, 
Lancome Oscillation Mascara from Sephora, Hello Kitty Laptop Bag from Sanrio, Takashimaya

Decided to try the Lancome Oscillating Mascara (LOM) as I've misplaced my Maybelline Stiletto Mascara
becos I really loved that one, super good and not to mention- Cheap!

Since I was at Sephora yesterday I decided to try the LOM on my bottom lashes (as i've got falsies on)
and it turned out to work pretty well! I mean it made my bottom lashes look nice?
So it should work well on my top ones too right? Hahaha.
Hesitated fo abit on whether to get it as it costed 68SGD!!!!! For a mascara!!! *faints*
But I really liked how it made my (bottom) lashes look I decided to give it a try. Heh heh

Haven't tried them on my lashes entirely tho, will do so soon in the upcoming make up tutorial!
Gna film it in abit :)

Also really happy with my Hello Kitty Laptop case! In preparation for school.... which in starting
in August, OMT. Was initally super excited but now I'm quite scared >.<


Wahahaha okiedokes, a really random post on a random Friday.
Have a great weekend all x