September 27, 2011

Headed to town with dewdew after ten years last week.......

there was the promotion of Swatch's new collection SWATCH x KIDROBOT
and we decided to join in and take a photo with their 'walking' banner!

Swatch teams up with art-driven toy and lifestyle brand, Kidrobot, to create a collection of eight new Swatch Gents, each accompanied by a complimentary Dunny.
Dunny is Kidrobot’s iconic and highly collectible bunny-like vinyl toy that serves as a customizable canvas for artists.
Eight artists have contributed to the new collection, each with a characteristic design for a Gent and its accompanying 3-inch Dunny.

 more about the artists and their meaning behind their designs for Swatch:
more info here

So here's what they look like.. 

SO CUTE RIGHT!!!! *squeals*
Tuzki Bunny EmoticonTuzki Bunny Emoticon

my favourite design out of all would be the “Swatch-The Eyes are Watching,”
by Tara McPherson!

at first the cat in the center caught my attention and I thought this was the most 'girly'
looking watch, as there was also a tinge of pastel pink/beige in it
so I was super in love with it....
then after deciding to take a close look i realized it was EYES all around the cat!!!
Hahahahahahaha I thought they were flowers luh! #imsofail

But nonetheless, its still my favourite design! ☺☺☺

so everyone got to take a polariod with the Swatch banner :)

all sorts of people joined in the fun and took a polaroid with the banner!

 AHHHH can you just feel everyone's love and joy!!?
Tuzki Bunny Emoticon



Like the watches?

they're currently available for purchase in Swatch outlets islandwide!

and also there would be a party at Zouk launching the
  KIDROBOT for Swatch "Colors in Living Motion collection on the 1st of October!

to join in the fun, here are some simple and easy steps for you to follow:

1. Head over to Swatch Singapore's Fb page and "Like" it
(Click on image to be redirected to webpage)
Link to this page

2. Click on the 'RSVP' button on the left hand side

3. Fill in the RSVP form and tada!!!! you're done!
an RSVP invites 2 so you can bring along a friend!
and if you want more friends to join, get them to Like the page and RSVP as well!

See you guys on Saturday if you're attending the party!
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