October 11, 2011


happy (rainy) tuesday guize!!!
best weather for everyone to just stay home rot and laze and sloth it out in bed no?
I ALSO WANT!!!  ☹ ☹

Anyway today is my bestest best Nattiepoo's birthday!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAT!!! 9 Years and counting, gna be buds for life 
had an early birthday dinner with her yesterday at P.S Cafe with Clara, Vans and Nat

Birthday girl!

long lost twinnie!

didn't get a cake for her, instead we got macarons from TWG!
clara's brillant idea.. somemore she go choose all one flavor, best part was all of them was well..


Yay! Birthday girl hehehehe 

like 6 black circle-lish dubious looking thing lying in the plate... so suspicious luh 
Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

checking out her prezzie...

as usual, us girls and the toilet..

i look like some..... idiot. Hahahahha
went to topshop to kpo kpo.... try shoes and all

Heh, so glad I got to catch up with my birdies!!! Tho Kyla didn't make it... and of cos, JULIA.
missing in action for the longest time eh 
Tuzki Bunny Emoticon
can we all meet up soon, altogether pleasey weasy? 


anyhoooooos, what is everyone up to? I feel so disconnected with the world.. somehow.
hahahahhaha, anyway I'm planning on doing a new vlog!!! 
any suggestions of what I should do next? Hehe something interesting please, am hoping
to try out something new. Heh ;)

Lemme know okie? Kinda excited, since I haven't really done a vlog in ages. Haha
leave your suggestions in the comment box... and i'll choose the best one!

hehehehe yup, okie. bye! 

(i apologize for the abrupt ending but i've ran out of things to say hehe)