October 18, 2011

Ticket- Inn

So I bet most of you Apple users have somehow heard from a little birdy who told you
about this amazing app that you can download?

Yup that's right! It's the Ticket-Inn app! What exactly is Ticket-Inn?

Sounds interesting? So I tried downloading it...

signed up to be a member,

and tadah!!! You get pages of access to lots of deals that you can use anywhere!

so basically your phone is able to detect whenever you're near places which are
having promotions on ticket-inn and immediately notifies you on what deals you can
exchange your coupon for. quite amazing isn't it!?

other than that, look up daily on what deals are available on Ticket- Inn and head down
to the place which you like, use your coupon, and enjoy special perks and promotions!

Here's a recent Ticket- Inn event at Raffles City, Yoguru

everyone with TIcket- Inn on the Iphone

and upon using their coupon on Ticket- Inn they got a cup of yogurt free!
And I think they even gave out about 180 cups of yogurt that day??

FREE YOGURT!!! Hahahahahahaha noms~

You can also go check out  and 'Like' their facebook page, which is also updated daily with
the newest and on-going promotions that is going on in Ticket- Inn

so all Apple users, go download Ticket-Inn now! By the way, this app is Free okay!!!
Download a free app which tells you where you can get good deals and discount etc...


.....kinda wished I had an Iphone now *frowns*