November 16, 2011

Chinatown Food Street!

hello!!! I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack! 

Sooo i've decided to upload pictures from my very impromptu trip to 
Chinatown Food Street!!!

headed there yesterday for dinner, and btw (it was my very first time) so I was quite stoked!
whenever I travel to places like Chinatown... Little India..... I tend to get lost there easily cause it doesn't even feel like we're in Singapore... Haha
and not to mention, I get quite amazed when I see things that I'll least expect to see!

so yes....... have fun visually indulging in my 'montage' of my trip there yesterday.
Disclaimer*/includes super good pictures of food.. 
so if you're hungry you had better prepare something to eat after
reading this**

Let's........ GO!
ワーイ♪ ヘ(゚∇^ヘ)(ノ^∇゚)ノ ヘ(^∇゚ヘ)(ノ゚∇^)ノ ワーイ♪

 Chinatown Food Street works just like eg. Lau Pa Sat 
It's fully operates only at night, so you can always head there for dinner and supper!
The Char Kway Teow is indeed highly recommended, as well as Hokkien Mee hehe

I super love the atmosphere there, its something different and new!
 gives you the feel of dining back in the olden days when everyone eats by old shophouses
in the streets..... with the street side stalls and all that. So nostalgic!!!


So recently I've learnt that Chinatown Food Street will be undergoing a facelift!
Meaning we'll have a new Chinatown Food Street!
(which also suggests no char kway teow for me when they're undergoing works)

and what's good for us is that they want the public (YOURS+MINE) opinion on  
how the new Chinatown Food Street should look like!
*confidently* we are gonna determine the fate of a historical place in SINGAPORE!!!

Haha, okay la. maybe not say determine or what, but the public gets to throw in their
opinion and also give their feedback on the upcoming facelift! 

Here are 3 concepts that they have came up with..
1. A Multi-Sensory Experience of Chinese Culinary Delights & Heritage

2. Brightening the Chinatown Experience with Food, People, Attractiveness & Life

3. "Let's All Eat!" Best Singapore Food on One Street

more images and information behind each concept can be found at
There you'll see the story as to why the concepts are proposed the way they are!
Personally I'm torn between number 1 and 3...... cos I find that both appeal to me
way more than the 2nd.
(I went to the webbie to find out more about them already ok!!!) 
But if i were to make a final decision I would go with 3! Loving the lantern-ny shelter thing 

I also participated in the survey that is on the website, 

very user friendly and interactive! I strongly urge you to spare a few minutes of your time
to go take the survey too! At the same time you'd get to read about the concepts too
You'd wanna have a say in how the new Chinatown Food Street looks like too no?

If not, you can also go to Chinatown's facebook page to leave a comment/suggestion!

 Let's all play a part in envisioning the New Chinatown Food Street!!!

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"trend! trend! trend!" *chants under breath*