November 12, 2011

Hello guys! So I'm home on a rainy saturday with nothing to do.. (what's new right)
Haha, so here's something I thought I should share with you guys!

I bet up till today, most of you must have heard/seen/came across...
I quote the website " The single most awesome place on the web to get rewarded."

The best thing about Gushcloud is that it is a platform open for EVERYONE to join!
And the best has yet to come, hehe

Firstly, here's how you can join Gushcloud. It's really super easy and not to mention hassle free!
You skip all kinds of registration...filling up pages of information bla bla bla..
You can sign in with either, Facebook or Twitter!

If you're new to Gushcloud: after signing in it will take approximately 1 - 1.5 minutes to calculate
your gushscore before being directed to your Dashboard!

So after signing in you should come to a page like this.. which is also the Dashboard!

Confused? Fret not! Lemme explain a little on what's what!

so... here's the best part of Gushcloud...
You get to earn money just by "Gushing" !!! Easy peasy, a few simple clicks and you're paid..

Here's an eg...

So I decided to do the Gush the first cloud which is to tweet about the new IMAX movie!

and KACHING!!! Straight after that I get GC$0.50 credited into my wallet! 
Easy no? 

I bet most must be thinking how are we getting paid? 
well after you've accumulated a minimum of GC$20.00 
you can to withdraw the money out via iBanking or Paypal!
Oh and the amount is in USD. SHIOK NOT?


Now here's something new for advertisers!
Let's say you're an owner of a blogshop, boutique, restaurant, an artiste...
or you have an event that you want to advertise but you're on a tight budget...?
Here in Gushcloud you can create your own Clouds and get gushers to gush and
help you spread the message/create awareness!

so how to go about doing it?
choose if you want to... share a wall post on FB? Or... get people to tweet an event that 
you're holding, complete a survey task for a school project..
or even do a short advertorial for you on their blogs!

So for me I decided to choose a Twitter Task!
I decided to create a cloud on following a user...... and of cos the user would be...


Hahahahahah *not shy*

So i decided to "Offer a monetary reward"
which brings us to setting the amount that we would like to reward gushers.

Why it is good on Gush cloud is that if you're tight on budget, there isn't a minimum 
budget that you have to put in for your cloud.
 You budget can be as low as... $10? or even as high as $10,000! It's all up to you! :)

You can pay people 3 ways:
1. Via Gushscore (the higher the gushscore, the more $ you get!)
2. Flat Fee (same amount goes to everyone no matter what their gscore is)
3. Rely on Kindness (someone grants a favor and gushes for free)

another function that's good on Gush cloud would be "Inviting People" 

We all would want to find the right people who shares similar hobbies and interest as
the Task that you want them to Gush about right? 

Say.. I don't have to worry about XXX gushing about my EG. TV series when he/she
doesn't even watch TV at all!

You can now choose your own Target Audience/people you would like to reach out to!

You can pay via Paypal.. or through your Wallet (if you have enough)
And you're done!!!

I strongly urge everyone to give Gushcloud a try! Try creating a cloud... or if not
you can just log in everyday and gush to earn extra money! Hehe 
Good not? Beneficial to all right? 

Gushcloud has only been around for 2 and a half weeks and they've gotten more than
12,000 people onto the platform! Awesome isn't it?
So advertisers don't have to worry about not having people to gush their clouds..

Gushcloud is now on Facebook
Click here to "LIKE" their facebook page!

and also on Twitter
Click here to follow them now!

so hurry off and START GUSHING NOW!!!