November 7, 2011

Birthday and Dinos

So firstly..... Happy Hari Raya! To all those who're celebrating {◕ ◡ ◕}

Just uploaded tons of photos from my camera and I've decided to slowly blog em out
so feast your eyes cos these few days I will be posting lots of photos! Haha

so from where i last left of...... was Tammy's birthday!!!
haha yes yes last to blog about it, plus its already Nov (-_-) slow max

so we had dinner at Japanese buffet dinner at Iridori! Lots of yummy food omg
just that what we didn't like was their service... maybe because there were alot of us
or something, but they were really slow and sometimes even ignored our orders

boo! but nonetheless the food, the company and everything else was awesome!
so happy to see everyone, cos that time I haven't met tams and dx in a long time
ntm fendi and hosan and mars too, so was really happy we all got to get together hehehe

hahaha look at nic and dx's face when they were looking at the food....

tamsy super cute birthday cake! baked from a reader I think? I can't remember.. but nonetheless



we also had hello kitty temporary tattoos..... heeheeheehee

the inside of the cake is so pretty too!!!! *dies*

and of cos dinner and cake ended really well! :)

**ok i'm getting really hungry from talking about so food... currently craving 

yes you heard me.. DOUBLE IS BACK!!!

WAHAHAAHAHHA there're not enough gifs in the world to express how 
excited/happy/hungry i currently am right now. heheheheheehehheehhehe
double fillet double fillet double double double..... *sings*


sooooooooooo..... back to my post
took group pictures,

so after dinner.. we headed to zouk for her birthday party!

btw miss mars was wearing a chio black dress and heels that day. SO PRETTY!!!
all thanks to tammy's theme... LBD ah? hahahahahahah

baby daryl and tj........ always camera ready 

hahahahahhaha trying to understand this picture...

all the kitties come out to play

and a toast to the birthday girl!

high already. confirm.
as soon as she start her *point* *point* dance confirm high hahahaha


with long-time-no-see hosan

and of cos, my dearest xiaowonxzzzzx 

Night ended with Tammy.... as usual getting pretty smashed. Hahahaha forever leh this girl, tsk!
Nevertheless I hope you enjoyed that night, and i'm so glad we all have gotten closer after your birthday
I love you my dearest Tammy Tay! Hope you had a splendid 20th birthday x


So fast forward to a few days after that, Tamsy and I were invited to attend the media preview of
the Dinosaurs LIVE exhibition at Science Center

the exhibition will be held at:  The Annexe, Science Center Singapore
from: 21st October 2011 to 26th February 2012

so all enthusiastic dino fans...curious human beings and fellow aliens from outerspace
do head down to the Science Center to catch the exhibition while its in town!

went through a quick briefing and short introduction to what we're about to expect..

There's this Dinosaurs Live app on Apple's app store where you can download for free
and when you hold the ipad/iphone against the dinosaurs posters, you get to see the Dinos in the
pictures come to live via Augmented Reality technology.

 doesn't exactly show on pictures but I swear I mean it when I say,
it Pops out and walk around your Ipad/iphone... Like 3D without glasses? Hahahaha
and anyone can download it! as long as you see the Dinosaurs Live posters...
(eg. bus stops, mrt stations, science center... anywhere with the posters)
you can use the app on it and see it come to live!

Damn x10 amazing. Tammy and I stood here for a good 10 minutes just watching
the person demo it to the crowd.. ha ha ha ha 'sua-koo poks' are us

so.. off to the tour of the exhibition! hehe
you get to see a giant bone structure of what I presume is.... A t-rex right smack at the entrance
of the exhibit. Not bad not bad... reminds me of Night at the Museum. Haha

Tams and her Dino pose... secretly a dinosaur wannabe.

We were led into the exhibition by Professor Patricia Vickers a renowned palentologist
and she talked us through every exhibit and explained about every dinosaurs's traits, living habits.. etc
 and i found it super cool bcos its like, Dinosaurs are her LIFE!!! She knows so much about them and all
but the thing is.. I still don't know if they really existed? I mean, is it confirmed that they do?
And if so its quite sad that they're extinct.....  I keep trying to imagine that they still do walk the earth
and somewhere out there there's really a place like Jurassic Park and all. Hahahaha

but yet again, its not nice to have a t-rex roaming orchard rd no...?
So i guess they were wiped off the earth for a reason. Haha
Like what tamsy tattoo says... I quote, "Everything happens for A reason"


so moving on.. DENG DENG DENG!!!
an inside look on the exhibition

by the way, every exhibit MOVES. like the tail, mouth, eyes... it even blinks!
quite incredible so they're made so real so you kinda feel like you're walking through mayb Night Safari?
Night safari cos it's dark inside. Hahah and instead of animals you get Dinos!

Lo and behold.........

I guess the red lights were to create a more scary/fierce looking effect haha

and my favourite dino of all...
 I can't remember the exact name for it.. I think its the Diplodocus..?
But I got the name Long Neck from the movie,
Super nice and awesome movie, I remember watching it like a gazillion times!!!
Damn nice, can you all please go watch it when you're free? PLEASE. hahahahaha
THIS IS AN ORDER!!! watch it or die!!!!!!

Hahahahahahahaa omg i sound crazy. But really luh, highly recommended!

there's also an interactive section at the end for kids... a dig pit where they get to dig for fossils
and a corner for them to color their favorite dinos!

sorry i'm a kid.
  okay la, all of us miss being young again. I guess it isn't only me.... hehe

did an interview with tamsy for Viz-pro cos we didn't wna do it individually..
 after that we were served lunch and that was the end of the Dinosaurs Live exhibition for us!
I do recommend that you check it out if you're free... or if you have younger siblings and all
take them there! You get to learn quite abit, very educational for the young and old :)

so since im bored....
Here are some Dino Fun facts that I was given on that day WHICH I would share with you guys now

  • Dinosaurs were reptiles and lived roughly 245 million years ago until they went extinct 65 million years ago
  • Dinosaurs lived in the Mesozoic era, which had 3 periods: Triassic, Jurassic and the Cretaceous
  • The word "dinosaur" was created by the British Scientist Richard Owen and comes from two greek words. Deinos means 'terrible' and sauros means "lizard"
  • The first documentary discovery of a dinosaur was that of a thigh bone found by Robert Plot, a museum curator, back in 1976. He had thought it belonged to a giant man but later was found to be part of a Megalosaurus (which looks something like this i think....)

I googled ok!! So I think it's this uh. Looks... "mega" haha
  • The first dinosaur skeleton was found in a Haddonfield, New Jersey clay pit in 1858. The dinosaur was named Hadrosaurus after the city.
  • Most paleontologists believe that birds probably evolved from maniraptors, a type of birdlike dinosaur. The Archaeropteryx is the oldest known fossil bird and dates from the Jurassic period (about 150 million years ago). It had many similarities to dinosaurs.
  • Most scientists accept the vast evidence of a large scale asteroid colliding with Earth and causing atmospheric changes and the K-T mass extinction.
  • The smallest dinosaur ever discovered was Compsognathus, a carnivorous dinosaur roughly the size of a chicken (hahahahaha) from the Jurassic period that was from 2.3 to 4.6 feet long (0.7-1.3m).
  • The biggest dinosaurs were the herbivorous Sauropods. which were gigantic, slow-moving dinosaurs from the late Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. They had very long necks and massive tails. The biggest carnivores were much smaller.
  • Since he only remains of dinosaurs are fossils, there is no way to accurately determine what color their skin was
  • There were no flying dinosaurs, only flying reptiles such as Pterosaurs

And yup, thats all I got. haha do you feel 10% smarter and more equipped with dino knowledge?
do you do you do you?


hehe so back to Science Center, we were then given a tour around the place and even got insights
on certain exhibitions that aren't even open to the public yet!

then it was time for out IMAX short movie, Flying Monsters!
I was quite blown away when i stepped into the theatre bcos never in 19 years of my life have I
seen the IMAX theatre before (sua koo rmb?) and I was like

and when the movie played, it was so fantastic I can't describe it
haha the screen was so damn big!!! Tammy was like " I don't even know where to look"

tams kept sliding off her seat and eventually ended up sitting on the floor -_-
All in all the experience watching the movie was sooooo good! I will never forget it!
I keep saying like imagine if all the cinemas in singapore had the IMAX screens..... watch movies
sure #shiokalization

so ended the tour with tammy and indonesian bloggers Clara and Diana
and it was quite a pleasure to be able to meet bloggers that are out of Singapore.
Not to mention they're so pretty and friendly! Quite an experience there (。◕‿◕。)

After that the girlfriend,
brotherpapayazhuo mamapapayazhuo papapapayazhuo babypapayazhuo all came over too!
brought baby nate to explore the science center for abit,

hahaha sho qt!!!

and yep, left shortly after that as the place was closing  and were supposed to meet baby D who was
waiting for us in town...

decided to catch Paranormal Activity 3 that very day and we had like 2 hours to kill
before the movie started.
So Bee, D and I chilled at Level 5. Hahahah cos my dearest gf played mj the night before and didn't
get any sleep cos she came out to meet me straight after, she was so tired she crashed.

spot the sleeping girlfriend...

HAHA my baby damn cute. she sleep right, change alot of positions..

and the award winning position..

Like that also can? Hhaaaahahhaha

So we caught PA3 after that... which in my opinion was the worst out of the 3 -_-
Really abit zzz. Scary is one thing but other than that its just very

haha that's right. lolol


so yes, I believe this blog post is one hell of a long. Haha which is a good thing cos I killed
quite a bit of time writing this, and those who're bored at home or have nothing to do
must have spent some time reading this and killing boredom as well as.... learning new dino facts!
not bad right? so its quite productive also... heh heh

ohwell, I hope you guys enjoyed this post. IM SO BORED NOW
maybe i should go oogle at the double fillet o fish picture till I can't resist it no more and dial 67773777
i could.... just find... do... or watch.. idk.


okiedokes, will be back with more photos! meanwhile, enjoy th rest of your monday
goodnight x