December 8, 2011

Autumn's Nail Spa

Hiakhiak, so here's a blog post aside from all the videos!! hehe

Remember my cupcake nails? 

Today I'll be here to share with you where you can get them!
So I visited Autumn's Nail Spa last week...

So many colors to choose from!!! 

Cosy and pretty interior :)

For those who wants and are interested in doing pretty intricate nail art I recommend you to 
try out the manicurist who did mine! (the girl above)
There are a few in the shop but Lady Boss recommended her
to me cos she's good with doing such nail arts and will try her best to 
do it to make it look like as close as the design that you specifically want! 
So you can try requesting for her when you go there and do yours!
(I don't know her name tho but you can try asking in the shop for the one who did my nails hehe)

and the end product
super pretty cupcake nails!!!

They even helped me to add on two bows on my thumbs!

Pretty yes? Hehe

I actually got the idea of the cupcakes nails from tumblr..  I saved the image
into my phone and showed it to the manicurist and she managed to do such a good job!!!
It's damn cute no!???!

Since Christmas is also around the corner, I bet you girls would want to look extra pretty right?

So here's the best part,
Head over to Autumn's Nail Spa and mention that you're a reader/came from my blog
and receive a 10% discount off your bill!

It is best that you call them and make an appointment first before heading down
because it can get quite crowded during the weekends!

Autumn Nail Spa
14 Scotts Road, #05-28 
Far East Plaza, Singapore 220213
Tel: 6836 7989

oh btw, here's a map I did earlier on... a brief guide to how to get there hahahaha

I hope it's easy to understand? Lol, if you don't know how to get there you can 
always comment to enquire! hehe but I hope the 'map' helps! 

So hurry!!! Go get your nails done this Christmas!