December 22, 2011

Last Man Standing

So last week I headed to Zouk for the media preview of
Last Man Standing!

Check out the mega-huge breathalyzer made for us to use!!
(with changeable nozzles of course)

here's b going for the breathalyzer test..

& she got the Last Man Standing!
Last Man Standing basically means consuming 0%- 0.019% of alcohol that night
= being almost or sober! 

and being the Last Man Standing, she got a chance to take part in a luck dip
(only applies to those who are the Last Man Standing)
and tadah!!!

& on the back of this card comes a link of which you can go home and do an online
survey and instantly win a $20 H&M shopping voucher!!! 

and H&M vouchers for you! 

So it was my turn to give it a try!

Guess what...??!???!

And to make things even better.... here's what my lucky hands picked out 

cos I never liked the idea of spending so much on overpriced coffee.......
(i don't even drink much coffee to begin with)
Hahahahah but yay for me still!!!

After that we did a short interview about the event.

So what is Last Man Standing all about?
It's about telling us how we can all have a fun night out partying and having
tons of fun without having to binge drink or drink till we're well..... drunk.

I mean imagine drinking till the point where you wake up like this?

Or maybe even worse waking up in a pool of your own vomit,
 getting into fights just because you're inebriated,

or even WORST.
sending out a text saying the worst things...

I'm sure most of you have been there, and done that! 

So here we have Last Man Standing, to tell us that staying sober throughout the night
has its perks at the end!
Eg. Me winning a $20 Starbucks voucher (heehee)

And not only that, for every LMS winner you get a lucky dip in a bowl with chances of winning:
- 2x Movie Tickets to any Cathay Cinema
- $10 worth of Playnation hours 
- $10 worth of Superbowl dollars
and of course - $20 Starbucks Vouchers!

Not only that every LMS winner are automatically pooled into a final draw for 
a chance to win a trip to BALI!!!!!
Amazing or what! Free holiday just cos you'e sober for the night! *winks*

And it wasn't just me, here are some photos of people participating in the activity!

Another LMS winner!

And for those who have received the handout cards,
don't throw them away!!!
Whether you're a Last Man Standing winner, or a non Last Man Standing Loser*cough*loser
head home to complete a short online survey at
and win your H&M Vouchers!

So the next LMS activation would be held on the 23rd at Butter Factory,
If you guys are heading there to party, DO REMEMBER TO STAY SOBER!
You wouldn't wanna be passed out drunk this festive season,
I mean who would want to go through a massive hangover this Christmas Eve!

So IF you have to drink, know your limits! Remember, No binge drinking okay?