December 2, 2011


meow meow, i am baaaaack!

Mad overdued pixs from our one monthsary hehe decided to head to the zoo..

DIY MANI!!! chio not? Lol

SHOOOOO CUTE!!! hehehe

you know when we were looking at the tapirs, bee was asking like 
"eh why the behind white color one?! are they wearing pampers!?!?!?"
pampers leh. Hahahhahahaha

white tigers!
reminds me of the dude who jumped in with the bucket over his head zzzz
lame-est way to die eh!? 

went to catch the hippo feeding session!
we caught the tiger one too tho, but I was too carried away so I didn't take any photos....
oops. hehe

another snake photo!!! am conquering all the snakes in the world hahahahaha
and i look like shit la. that's what you look like when you spend the whole day
walking and hiking around the zoo.

caught the elephant show!!!
They are SOOOO CUTE!!! >.<

paid $5 bucks to feed the elephants. 
Haha bee said it was a waste of money, I saw it was for a good cause! ;)

sho cute and clever. not to mention, hungry!

Then Urineunis came to find us..... LOL kpo la she. hahahahahahaha

my prendsss

The leopard was damn chio!!! 

naked mole rats....... 

well i've never heard of shuffling mole rats... but here's one!

hehe and then I think my camera died or something. Damn suay!
i always forget to charge my camera cos I somehow assume they have endless battery life 
(which they obviously don't)
and they always die when I use them the next time. 

but yeh, I had fun at the zoo! been years since I last went there... and the last time was like
secondary school or something. I still rmbered going with Kyla and Sacha. hahaha
i had ugly hair and i wore... BERMS. HAHAHAHHAH major #fml.

so glad to go back there again with my baby pea! hehe

So next would be Clara's birthday!!! OMG. Exactly a month from her birthday...
LOL I'm sorry fo procrastinating and being lazy. hehe

Soooo fo C's bday, we surprised her at California Pizza Kitchen! 
All time favourite pizza place........ I WANT THEIR SALAD!!! >:(

so yeah... this is us bored while waiting fo C to come!

totally savoring the pizza, just look at my face (Y)

and her super cute birthday cake!

HAHA a bunny vibrator and a pair of edible panties.......... LOL. 

HAHAHAHA funny part was while we got her to guess her presents..
she kept guessing like "shampoo...alcohol..powder" that kinda shit and we kept wondering why
cos her presents were in two boxes.
End up as you can see in the video, she was guessing out V's orange juice.. which happened
to be in the bag cos I think she put it inside earlier on.
HAHAH blooper much!

so after that we went to gaigai.........
which landed us at Cathay.
OOO cos I tapao-ed food for gfpea while she was working there. Haha
So yeh, we ended up at Cathay.....and eating again. 

Hehe the rest below are pixs from rachel's cam!

Leon didi 

chilled at starbucks and played with makeup... OMG we are such girls.
Leon was giving us the 'wtf' look most of the time. hahahahahahaha

Headed to Zouk after fo Clara's post birthday party!!!

And I shall end of with a pix of my qtypie ♥ 


So anyway I've decided to open up sidebar banner advertising this month
Its quite simple, you get to place your webpage's ad banner, be it a picture link or a gif link
at the side... something like

and it'll be there for a month! Pretty simple!
Those who are interested lemme know yeh?
those who're interested can contact me at
OYEH, btw I got my nails done the other day......
Pretty? Hehe
Will reveal where I got it done in my next post, can't wait to share it with you guys :)

Oki I'm done, ball-ring saturday :(
Shall bathe and catch Cycle 17 of ANTM! I miss Vampire Diaries and my Damon salvatore...
shall end off with a pix of my vampire husband hehe