December 17, 2011

VAUNT6 2011 & LIESE ♥

So most of you would have probably heard of Vaunt.
But what exactly IS Vaunt?

Vaunt is a Music and Fashion Festival which is currently running towards her 6th year
organized by The Youth Empire, Smoove Productions and

This year for Vaunt's fashion showcase, they'll be 10 models (including me...heehee)
vying for the title of the winning model for Vaunt!

For those who haven't seen the episodes of the 
Vaunt 6 Auditions, and photo shoot here's the link :

This year, Vaunt is proudly sponsored by beauty brands
Liese, Biore and Essential

on the day of the event itself,
 there would be a specially designed walk done by those 3 brands respectively!

Besides that there'll also be:
1. A hair styling booth by Liese to give you girls (and guys if you wanna) beautiful
beach curls to look pretty in for the entire night! 
Come earlier (10pm) if you want to get your hair done!
2. A photobooth by Liese and Essential for you to take your photos by the beach.
3. A redemption booth set up for you to win product samples of Liese, Essential and Biore.

The dance floor will also start at 10pm so be there early to enjoy all the activities above
and start your night off with good music as well!


So as you all know, I managed to snag some products from the Vaunt Episode shoot
and I've decided to try one of many products I got from Liese!
so I chose the Liese Designing Jelly!

Since I was gonna straighten my hair, I went with the Green bottle which is designed
specifically for "Tidy Straight" hair.

So here I go!
 Great design for people with long nails (eg. ME)

 I love how the product doesn't stay sticky on your fingers like some does?
It instantly dries after you apply it on your hair!!!

I LOVE how the product feels in my hair, it's so natural and doesn't show that
I've product in it. Not to mention it leaves your hair sweet smelling
(means you get to start flipping your hair like crazy in people's faces..... hahaha)
& best part is that you can use this before/after tonging your hair, or when you're out?
Bring the little bottle with you to keep your hair looking fresh and in shape after a long day outside!

I'm definitely gonna start using this on my hair everyday hehehehe 

I've also included a video of how I used it.....
there's no RIGHT or WRONG, 
I just did it the way I felt like, and how I would usually do my hair on a normal day!
Hope that it gives you an example of how you use the product 

You can also check out Liese's Facebook Page

 Liese Singapore is giving away 30 sets of product samples too!
so all you have to do is "Like" their facebook page and you'll stand a chance to win!!!


Now if you haven't seen my previous VLOGMAS GIVEAWAY POST
I myself am also giving away Liese products to a few lucky readers!!!
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It's that easy!
Stand a chance to win the featured above : Liese Designing Jelly as well!

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