January 1, 2012



Heheheehheeheh, took a break right after Christmas from the cyber-world....
if you don't count tweeting uh hehe. But mostly from blogging/emails etc.

cos December was waaaaay hectic with christmas shopping, vlogmas, preparation for Vaunt
literally knocked me off my feet! wasn't prepared for so much in a month that
after Christmas i literally died. So so so tired everyday! 
(even up till today) haha

I kno I haven't got the final VLOGMAS videos up yet, will be up soon
sorry for uploading it so late :(

So aside from all that, here are some pixs from Vaunt! Didn't manage to take many
nor film cos we were so busy the entire day with fitting, rehearsing, hair+make up 

family who came down to support *touched* hehe

& some photos stolen from tams and dx!

I'm so glad and thankful to those who came down to support! Hehe
it was quite an experience really, never expected myself to do something like this
I was so FUCKING scared before we all had to walk I was like hugging
a tree backstage when everyone else was already in line hahahhahhaahahh

but all in all, it was all in the name of fun! also Congratulations to Eunice Annabel who won
the competition and crowned as winner for 2011 yay!! *claps hand*


Then fast forward to Christmas!
For eve we had a small gathering over at my place which consisted of
me pea dx theo tj daryl
had an impromptu plan for steamboat and gift xchange just one day before christmas &
everyone was so enthu we had such an awesome time hehe

didn't take any pixs that day apart from videos which I would post soon,
and for Christmas my baby got me....

literally was like..

super unexpected cos we were both so broke towards the end of December
I really wasn't expecting anything at all! And the best part was that she said she had
the phone hidden in my wardrobe all along -_- Hahah either I was too blind or I had too
many clothes stuffed in there to notice.

But either way, I still can't believe she got me an iPhone!!! Hehe 
love my beebs so muchy 

so obviously with the iPhone I got super lazy to bring my camera out...
so here are some photos from the phone instead hehe

Bijou got a new cage for christmas! 
A spankin new big ass cage hiakhiakhiak

Yep. That big.


it was a wig tho!!! LOL
but I love the short fringe leh, although I think i will look damn stupid and ah toot
in it, I like eh!? Hahahahahh I even told bee that I wanted to cut my hair like that and she
said if i did no one will read my blog ever again.

really? yall wont? haha

& my little christmas gift to beebie!

Stephanie's 21st birthday party!

drink drank drunk. tsk.
not like me... #LastManStanding!!! 

thai girl for the day 

Hahahhahah lovin the expression. LOLOL.

So more pixs to come, obviously. all still in my phone hehe
and I kno I ever said like how I wouldn't convert from the BB to the iPhone but
i'm sorry BB, the 9900 was fucking up on me and pissed me off *sulks*
plus I decided the iPhone would be a huge plus point as the camera is so much better
and I love taking pixs, then comes the camera applications!
so.damn.awesome. huahuahuahuahuahua

but I still miss typing on the qwerty keypad la, the touch screen typing is till abit
So i'm still tryna get the hang of it! I get thats the only thing about the iPhone which I dislike.
other than that...



So this is the very first post of 2012!
the picture says it all!

2011 for me was a roller coaster ride for me. ( i think every year is) LOL
I also met new friends, started school, erm nothing much exciting really
and most importantly met my dearest girfriend!!!
(with you playing temple run during countdown) ahahahahahahaha but I don't care!
I got to spend the last few hours of 2011 with you which ended it perfectly.
Time to leave 2011 and it's imperfections behind and embrace 2012 with open arms
a fresh new start and a new beginning, not only for me but for everyone else :)

Those who've had a bad year, leave it all behind! 
Take today as a new page & a new chapter to a new year. 
All the hate, anger, sadness, bitterness you feel, throw it all away and leave it with 2011
cos 2012 HAS TO BE BETTER!
I've had a few New Year Resolution written down days ago and I'm determined to have
them done/fulfilled. This year I'm gonna be 20.... (omg so old)
which means bigger responsibilities and lesser time to play or fool around.
I also promised to be a better blogger, hehe so yeah

never have I actually looked forward to a new year other than this year,
not sure why as well but I'm looking at things at a better and bigger perspective!
Am hoping for this year to be a lot better hehe lots of things to look out for as well
Especially moving to my new home! Which is said only to be done by the end of the year

I hope everyone enjoyed their New Year celebrations, hehe 
ushered in 2012 with my gf dx daryl and tj last night, couldn't have asked for more :)

so yep, ending it off my post with a reminder for all to have a very Happy New Year!

with lots of love

I forgot to add.... hehehehehehheeh
some pixs of my holiday nails!

Shiny blinged nails for Christmas and the New Year!!! 
I'm so bad at looking after my nails cos I kept picking on the crystals
I took these photos like 2 days ago only? And look how shiny they still are!
although it's thanks to my itchy fingers which plucked some crystals off haha
other than that I'm still very surprised most of it stuck on so snugly ;)

If you're looking on doing your nails, head to Autumn's Nail Spa!

 Autumn Nail Spa
14 Scotts Road, #05-28 
Far East Plaza, Singapore 220213
Tel: 6836 7989

Located in town/FEP so its super convenient!
&&& I finally know the name of the girl who did my nails, she's called Lemon
hehe someone commented and told me, and when I went back to get my nails done
I peeked at her badge, so now you know who to ask for :)
She did my nails this time round too!

Can't wait to go back to get my Chinese New Year nails done hehe
For my readers you'll get a special 10% off nails services, so do mention that
you're from my blog!

Hehe so hurry head over there to get yours done soon! :D

Oh oh!1 I forgot to add also...