January 5, 2012

herrrrrrrrroes! how is everyone's first week into 2012? 

I spent mine slumming in bed most of the time with my beebs....hehe feeling super guilty already
but I can't help it. Heading out really doesn't appeal to me anymore (not for the time being)
Planning to stay home and save $$$!
I would really like to save up and go on holiday soon :(

& not to mention, 2012 marks the start of my...plans hehe *rubs hands*
Have had this planned since mid 2011 and I can't wait for it to all happen!
Just got to get some things arranged and I can finally reveal it!!!
SOOOOOOOO do stay tuned to find out ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

so anyway, picture updates!!!

have been patronizing i12 Katong ever since it opened
Watched like... 3-4 movies there already haha. Like I said, no need for town anymore!!!
Ha ha ha ha big fat lazy me.

 I guess they're adapting the whole 'peranakan' theme since the 
Katong area has a Peranakan cultural history so the cinema decorated according to that
As you can see from the picture below they have such pretty printed carpet flooring hehe
+10 points for effort!

woke up damn early on the eve of 2012 to cycle!

a photo of my fats...

dad and I attempting to trim/shave bi's hair ourselves...
HAHA we used the human hair clippers and his hair was so think i barely got anything trimmed zzz
instead we used scissors and trimmed only a teeny weeny bit.
 Lesson learnt: Leave it to the professional.

Headed out to Rachel's birthday bbq...

& this was the last final moments of 2011.... me, the pea and my waffle.
 noms. hehe

This was happening throughout Countdown, my baby playing Temple Run. 
 Ok i didn't even bother to do a countdown la, I was busy looking out the window
and wondering why the first level of Cine was SO DAMN EMPTY!?
I expected it to be crowded with people and banglahs with spray cans and confetti etc...
but NO? Maybe only about 30-50 people out there, sitting around and smoking.
I still thought like maybe when it was about to strike 12 then more people will appear or something
but neh..... till i heard someone shout HAPPY NEW YEAR downstairs then I figured it was 12.


so much for an exciting countdown to 2012. LOL
but its okay, was never an enthusiast towards the new year. More enthu for Christmas hehe.

then we met the clan and headed to Home Club

and of cos, the GMAX to welcome 2012!!!!
hahahaahahahahahahaha I think we really siao, anytime anyday one man.

few days ago....
grocery shopping for the girlfriend

my very emo.... bijou. haha

my supermodel girlfriend.... only a supermodel in her sleep.

and finally a day out to town yesterday!

caught Mission Impossible 4 and the return of Laughing 哥.
MI 4 was damn damn damn good!!! omg I haven't watched the previous movies but
the 4th one was two thumbs up man! Definitely will make time to watch the first 3 movies hehe

the Laughing 哥 one I don't get tho, but my beebee's been following up on the drama
but she concluded as well that the movie sucked. So to those who watches the drama, 
just stick to the unfinished ending hahaha.
Bcos from how Zaus says it, the drama serial was damn damn damn good!
So instead of spoiling the 'goodness' of the series, 

So yes, that's all I have for today. Hehe
Hopefully more pictures from the weekend, and also perhaps a vlog!
I miss vlogging 

And I would also like you guys to throw in a suggestion on what you would like
to see more of on my blog this year?
Leave your comments on my...... COMMENT BOX WHICH IS FINALLY BACK!
the one that i've been using for the past few years is BACK!!!
no more ugly blogger comment box. hehehehe

Mhm, so lemme know okay!!!! Hehe
baibai guys, have a great weekend!

\(o ̄∇ ̄o)/