January 15, 2012

Hi hi all! Happy Sunday,
So here's a vlog for you guys, first ever vlog of 2012!!!!

I've decided to film a video of some of the new products that I've decided to try out this year,
since sometimes you guys would ask about what makeup/product I use,
since I've gotten some new ones I've decided to share it with you!

Products showcased in this post:

Hada Labo Travel Kit
Available at Watsons at around SGD15.90+/-

Hada Labo Facial Mist
Available at Watsons at around SGD17+/-

**Updated review**
Today is the third day I'm using it and I'm starting to love this product!
I might do a full Hada Labo only review in a week or two .
hehe so stay tuned for that!

Mac Blusher, in shade of Mocha
Available at all Mac stores at around SGD35+/-

NYX Matte Lipstick, 
(I'm not sure what the shade is but its red uh... hehe)
Available at random flea hahahahahah I think if you're lucky you might
stumble upon one of the fleas that sell dirt cheap make up.. LOL
I think I got this for about SGD10? 

Fairy Drops Vanilla Puff Mineral Powder
the shade I was using is : Ombre
Available at Watsons at around SGD36.90

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua 
Shade I was using is B30.
Available at all Chanel Cosmetic Counters at SGD75.
So yes I guess that is it! I hope you guys enjoyed this post, if you like it I might
do more of this kinda post so do lemme know if you would wanna see more 
beauty/makeup product reviews! I might do them on a monthly basis! Hehe
This video might not be a very good/clear review but I will try to make better ones okie!

All the prices of the products are roughly there! Those with a + and - sign means the price
is prolly the one I stated OR a few cents more or less cos I can't exactly remember


& yup! If you watched my video till the end earlier you'll know that I'll be officially
opening my own webstore this year!!!
After months of planning I'm so happy that it's finally coming alive heheheheh
It should be up and running in February *crosses fingers* so do remember to look out for that!
I'm also gonna a new blog layout done (FINALLY) 
so obvious that I'm not cut out for web designs.. LOL so hopefully it all turns out good!
I'm quite excited to see how things are beginning to fall into place, double yay!


okie, I guess my Sunday post is done! Gonna get my CNY nails done tmr!

huahua okie c u guys this week, baibai!