March 3, 2012

Happy Saturday all!
so i'm finally back with a short post........ 
I kno I haven't been updating as often already especially posts of my daily life and all

I've been really busy before working on the online store and on advertorials cos I have
to get them done before I left for my trip... So no worries! I'm slowly getting back on track 
and will blog more often okie?  
So here's just a little snippet of what went on last Wednesday
Was bugging b to surprise me for out 5th Monthsary....... Hahahahahaha
she intended to take me to the Titanic Exhibition but I ruined it
by asking my aunt to bring us there (a day in advance) .....
 BWAHAHAHA.  But we went anywaysssss~
 So we weren't exactly allowed to take any photos.. so I sneakily took some :S

 I tell you if the Titanic still existed now, it would be a damn expensive ship to travel in!
The amount of effort and consideration they put into the decoration of the ship is extravagant!!!
Especially if you're sailing First Class..... omg *faint*
 This shot (below) is what the First Class cabin looks like...
 I didn't see a second class... but the one below is Third Class! 
 er..... I didn't take anymore after that cos the place became damn dark... LOL
It was pretty sad to think about the tragedy, and how so many people perished in the accident.. ;(
But lemme tell you the exhibition was damn good!!! I highly recommend it to everyone

If you guys are interested the exhibition is still going on at the
Arts Science Museum (Marina Bay Sands)

29 October 2011 - 29 April 2012

price for admission is 21SGD per adult :)

 blend in...

Took a short walk from MBS to the bus stop to head home after.. hehe

So on our actual monthsary... we were left with one less thing to do.
(since I ruined the Titanic surprise) LOL 
started off with a rainy Thursday....

Had to head to the Heart specialist to get my heart checked.........

i12 Katong after to have DTF! Hehehe 
the tote bag that I did for NOISE SINGAPORE... haha

We caught The Devil Inside after...
Honestly I was looking forward to watch this when I saw the trailer as it looked like
a good exorcism movie...
the story and all (in my opinion) was fine! Not bad, pretty interesting but then when it got to the end..

YEAAA... Like literally. LOL.
But if you're into demonic possession movies and exorcism and you can ignore a shitty
ending then okay! The movie would be worth watching.. Haha.

So after the movie b surprised me with a dinner at Timbre! Hehe
She knew I haven't been there before so she took me there to have Duck pizza!!!
Didn't take any pictures cos I left my camera at home and we left in a hurry so 
maybe another time when i'm there!
But i'm so glad that she planned at that for me.... really did not expect any of that at all!
Thank you so much beebs, hehe I love you

So if you guys realised I didn't blog about Valentine's Day.
Well we didn't do much then as we were trying to save as much money as possible
to bring to Bangkok! Haha so we scrimped and saved.. stayed home everyday
(which explains why I don't have much to blog about)
but my baby did a nice and sweet video for meeeee wahahahahahahahhaaha
we didn't exchange any gifts, but I told her by doing the video would be a
superb gift for me heh ;)

So here's the video...

sooooo cute and so shy heheheh but best Vday gift ever! Hahahaha

So there you have it... a short snippet of what's happening so far.
I will bring my camera out more often so do expect more posts from now okie? :)

For those who ordered the Darla Studded Clutch, I just got word from the supplier that
it will arrive by next week! So no worries okay, I know many have mailed me and commented
but I only got the update like 2 days ago!
I've been collating the emails of those who've ordered and I will mail you guys latest by tomorrow night!
There's ALOT of orders so it will take me some time to put the emails together :)

ALSO, a new collection coming up at the end of MARCH!
Do keep watching this space for updates... OR you can also "LIKE" our Facebook page!

So.... that's about it! I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!
Hehe byebye