December 10, 2012


Happy Tuesday all!
Back with another advert today for: ROSEATEPOSY
ROSEATEPOSY is mostly of a pre-order site. It may take longer to receive than most blogshops 
it will definitely be worth the wait as they try to make their prices as affordable as possible 
and allow self-collection for customers. 
Purchasing from RoseatePosy may not allow you to receive parcel within 3 days after ordering but when you get the parcel you will be surprised as you will be wondering 
"Oh, I did order this?" in a happy way as if getting a surprise!
 So I'm sure ROSEATEPOSY needs no further introduction from me, 
upon entering their webstore be blown away at the amount of items that they carry!!!
I was honestly having the hardest time of my life picking out items from their store as 
everything was equally as pretty and nice?!?

Here are some of the pieces that I've decided to pick and feature from their New Arrivals:
Here's an outerwear which totally caught my eye! Neon and Aztec... Awesome hehe

Since I'm a big fan of "lazy" clothing (think sloppy tees... shorts) here's a slouchy tee with a low back detail, talk about high comfort level with style. Haha

This may come off as no surprise but here I am featuring yet another Striped top! Hehe
I love how the sleeves are detachable!!? You can wear this 2 ways! Too cute!!!

Also, ROSEATEPOSY has instock availability for these handmade clutches

Super cute!!!
They're 100% handmade and brand new, who knew crochet clutches could look this good? :D
I honestly took super long to decide to what to choose from ROSEATEPOSY
it was so hard to try and pick from SO MANY PIECES of clothing I was literally...
Brain-blocked? Hahahahaha
So at the end it came down to 2 pieces!
First off, this major flattering pair of Denim Jeggings!
To be honest this is the first pair of jeggings I've ever owned in my life
I've never trusted jeggings as I thought they would be super tight and partially translucent LOL
Trust me I've seen girls who've worn jeggings and you can totally see the prints on their undies
through them and I bet they never noticed?!?? It's damn embarrassing!

But I couldn't be any happier to have picked this pair of babies as they fit so snugly like a glove
and the best part?
Totally changed my outlook on jeggings since then. Love how I chose this shade as well has it's damn versatile and goes well with almost anything, it is always good to have a staple piece in your wardrobe
whereby one piece can go with like... 10000 other outfits. Haha this has got to be one of them ;)
So glad to have gone with my choice to pick these pair of Jeggings!

Second item I picked was the Rose Shredded Top
Being the ultimate sucker for knit and sweater tops, I subconsciously chose another sweater again...
Only realized this as I'm typing this advert btw hehe.
But yes, I knew I had to choose this when I saw it and I love this piece to bits!!!
I love the prints on the top! 
Also there are silver spangles weaved together with the actual material so it's sparkly and really pretty!!! 
Pictures honestly doesn't do this top justice, how I wish I can make a swatch pop out from the screen
so you can feel and see the material up-close :(
Also, the material is perfect for our weather so no worries about it being too warm. Double yay!

Thank you so much ROSEATEPOSY for both pieces, I really love them a lot!!! x
Good News for you guys...
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to browse their New Arrivals... I can CONFIRM 100% you are bound to be taken aback
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On top of that, enjoy the special promotion that they're having now to make the most
out of your shopping experience with ROSEATEPOSY x

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