May 19, 2013


The Ark aims to bring you affordable apparels that look trendy, 
chic and eye-catching, befitting any occasion
The Ark launches a brand new collection every other week so you can expect tons of new and some of the latest designs which are hot in the market!!!
What I like about The Ark are that most of their pieces are 'effortlessly-chic' ! 
You don't have to spend hours thinking about what to match your pieces with as they're either good to go on its own or just pair it up with simple basics there you have it, a complete outfit!!! :) 

Here are some of my personal favorite from their webstore,
Eyelet Shorts, SGD $22.90
Looks really comfy and I couldn't love the little cut-out eyelet detailing any more that I do now.
Adds a really nice touch for a pair of ordinary black bottom :) I can see myself donning this pair of 
shorts on days where I need a pair of black shorts... but just a basic black pair might seem a little boring? Have you ever gotten days like that? Hahaha, I do.. and pretty often in fact! 
I'm sure this pair would do just the right trick and save you on those days ;)

Houndstooth Pencil Skirt, SGD $22.90
 Nothing could go wrong would with this skirt! Just pair it up like how The Ark did with a basic white tee for that edgy and casual look, or you can spice it up with a black peplum and accessorize for a 
more formal look if you happen to be heading for a dinner or something? A great versatile piece!
 White Burnt-Out Floral Tee, SGD $22.90
Out of my personal favorites, this has got to be the one I love the most!!! 
I know it looks like a basic white tee but I absolutely ADORE the eyelet detailing all over it!
Amazing how such little details can make a huge difference to an ordinary white tee and the best part is this goes with almost ANYTHING! Perfect for layering under your outerwear, overalls etc.. 
And the material is not even thick so it's the perfect basic top for this season
I also noticed that most of the items you find in The Ark are priced really affordably 
AND inclusive of normal postage already!!! What a great deal!
Additionally, every customer is also entitled to a free gift which is in theme with every collection ;)
and now specially for my readers, quote "DONNA" to be entitled to 5% off your total bill!

You can also find The Ark at their various social media:
Instagram: @shopintheark
(The Ark is also have an ongoing promo on facebook whereby there'll be an e-voucher giveaway
upon hitting their first 100 likes, so head over and Like their page to support!)

The Ark will be launching their next collection on the 24th May so remember
to stay tuned and check for new updates on their Facebook page!

Time to do some shopping now!
some visuals from a shoot I did recently with Tammy for Ohsofickle which I'm sure quite a few
of you would have seen alreadyyy

Bwahahah, I know I don't look exactly as (body) flattering whilst 'modeling' omgggg I won't even say I was modeling la. More like posing for the clothes hahahaha
Here's a candid and unglam shot of me hahahahahahaha it's damn classic.. my face.. 

 Okay and I would have to admit, this shoot was definitely a wake up call for me to stop being lazy and to go on a strict workout+diet. I knew I was.... big, but not as big till I saw the pictures. OMGGG
I mean apart from the pics which I don't look fat in I honestly don't even dare to open or look at the pictures for more than like.. 3seconds?
Not to mention the response I got, be it on or even my parents hahahahaha, almost all was a slap on the face. Come to think of it, I don't know why I so confident to pose till so happy hahahaha

I think 90% of the comments I got from the shoot (online or offline) was amongst the lines of either
I gained weight, I need to lose weight or....... I'm fat. Quite sian. but I'm surprised I took it well AS COMPARED TO how I would react in the past. I think I would have bawled my eyes out and died of depression at home or something. BUTTTT I know la, that everyone was right. I really look a lot bigger than I did in the past ;( 
 I won't deny that I'm upset lah, I mean how can I not be right. I know people have also been telling me I'm not FAT. But just for you all to know I feel fat because compared to the past I really am!?!
Like ballooned up.. to the point my mother asked if I was pregnant leh. How to not feel shitty!!!
I kinda feel sorry for my closest bunch of friends whom I talk to everyday cos I would simply complain and complain and complain about every single inch and part of myself. No matter how much I do or whatsoever I just don't see myself as the way I want myself to be
(I think most of us feel that way too right?)

 Then I figured, no use complaining or whining or feeling all effed up over it. Only I can help myself..
Even if it means sacrificing all the good food (they're the culprits ah) I know if I'm strong I can make it all right again and go back to how I used to be (and fit all my shorts and clothes again)
 So I'mma take ALLLLLLLLL the negativity and turn in to motivation and determination to lose weight!!! I really really really want to, not just to look better but to feel better also. I promised Tamsie that for the next few shoots I will try my best to look less... Pregnant. Ha ha ha ha ha
Been working out everyday and cutting all the unhealthy food off my diet already, trying my best to eat as clean as possible so I don't ruin my plan. Of course there have been times where the temptation to eat sinful snacks and stuff but I made sure if I do I make it up by exercising harder.
 So I'm hoping that for those out there who're intending to lose those extra chubs to join meeeeee!
Start eating clean and work out and soon we'll get the body that we desire, hehe.
Nevertheless, I couldn't be more happier to help out for the shoot with my bbygirl, I mean apart from the 'fat' photos there've been a fair share of chio ones with her and those shots would win any other shots hands down :) Looking forward to the rest of the shoots and hopefully a nicer and thinner meeee!