June 24, 2013


How have you guys held up over the weekend? Had fun? ;)
I know I did! Had a blast at the StylexStyle: Asia Style Collection Fashion showcase and still very
starstrucked from watching 2NE1!!! :D
So after taking forever to sort my pictures out, finally I'll be blogging about my May's trip to Bangkok
 it was yet another trip with the party invaders (and I think this time even more people went...)
most of them flew a day or 2 earlier, we were the last batch to fly over..

This time I flew by Scoot! Tickets costed me about $216 incld tax and add fees,
For those who wonder, I don't fly by any specific airlines! I'll usually see whatever's cheapest OR
if there happened to be a sale with dirt cheap fares I'll just book in advance. Haha

 Ok, so to address ALL pre-paid/data plan question.. here's where I got my SIM
Upon exiting Arrivals, try to find this booth and get the Happy Tourist Sim (299THB)
Lasts you a week with unlimited 3G and 100THB credits, if you have to top up you can do so
at their 7-11 stores which you can find almost everywhere. Haha

For those who've wondered where I've stayed at and how good they are, here're my ratings
*1 being the lousiest and 10 being the best*
Grand Diamond (5/10)
Stayed here a few years ago due to it's convenience and my parents booked it so I didn't really have a choice lol. Didn't really like cos it's quite old.... weird vibes from the place. Haha
Budacco (7/10)
Clean and cosy, super homely! I even stayed here alone before and I've never felt more at home!
Located in the heart of Pratunam market, about 10 mins walk away from Platinum :) 
Baiyoke Suites (0/10)
Sorry, will never ever give chance to Baiyoke Suites. Dirty, unpleasant and a scam. 
I still have a picture of what my room looked like,
Can someone explain how to sleep in a room like that? 
Looks like a set straight out of a serial killer movie. I didn't even stay the night, checked in and OUT within an hour. Gross.

All this hotels (above) are located within the Pratunam area, super convenient if you're unfamiliar with Bangkok and most of the popular places are within that area. However, recently I chose not to stay in that area as it's far too crowded and full of tourists!!! Not to mention the jam -.- 
So I've tried hotels out of the area as well which are decent and located at a more less packed areas,
M2 De Bangkok (8.5/10)
Super nice and clean!!! One of the best hotels ever, I would honestly go back to this hotel all the time cos the bed is... heavenly. One day I slept 17hours okay??? Who sleeps for 17hrs in Bangkok?
Only downside is that it's quite new and most taxi drivers aren't quite familiar with the hotel and location so some might not take you there. Thank god for my friend who helped translate! 
B.U Place (7/10)
Stayed here cos I crashed my friend's room for 2 nights. Location wise it's also slightly harder to find, but from what I know the place is damn cheap!!! It's not a hotel, so don't expect a fancy lobby and nicely furnished walkways, it's more of an apartment! But otherwise still clean, decent and cheap!
This time I stayed in Urbana Langsuan, booked it cos it was one of the few hotels which has 2 bedrooms within a room at a reasonable price (about $120++ a night)

 Best part was of this trip was... all of us were staying in the same hotel!!! Well almost all!
We decided to check out Trey's room which was on the same tower as us and his was the 3 bedroom,
 IT'S DAMN FREAKING HUGE LA K. Can fit like.... 30 or more people. I mean aside from the people who're gonna occupy the rooms the others can bring sleeping bags, pick a space on the floor and crash for the night. Hahaha I'm sure more than 30 will fit also. Haha

No prizes guessing what went down that night. First night and it was mayhem already, back at Route66 and met up with most of the rest there. AHHH so nostalgic, reminds me of March. 
 We got there slightly later than the rest and by then I think half the group was drunk already haha
it's was damn messy uh, total mayhem!!!
 at the same time, it was a Pre-bday celebration for Errol!

 I still remember Denise and I getting really bored cos we were the only ones... sober.
Grabbed half a bottle of JW and finished it with her, without mixers!!! Damn cray ah

 Headed to Scratchdog after!!!

 Hande super feeling it okay!!!
 Coincidentally enough, he has the same 'feeling' picture on Feb
Hahahahahhahahaha, damn enthu.

 One of the best best best nights ever!!!
Route + Scratchdog will never go wrong, best combination ever, hehe.
Went back to the hotel and crash landed on the bed to k.o till the next day after, hahahaha.

Managed to get up early the next day... (still high btw) all thanks to Cong,

 had the legendary JJ Chicken Noodles.. YUMMMMMM. Best remedy for a hangover okay!
 Didn't take other pictures there cos I was too busy shopping/dying from the extreme heart/trying to sober up/surviving a hangover.. I think I only sobered up at 5pm or so. Hahahahahahaha quite serious.

We decided to cook our own dinner that night! Left the shopping to the two 'bulkers'
Damn enthu k, every morning still wake up to gym. -.- HOWWWW?

 Went back and started cooking!

Head Chef and Co-Chef (me.. hehe)
Asked cong to take a pic of us at work and this was what he took....
 Don't understand the huge space above our heads but it's okay, since there's us inside, point is taken. LOL

 Beef for the boys and chicken for meeeeeee, tho I only had a few pieces haha
 huge pot of veggies and my speciality....... EGGS, LOL
 Surprisingly our meal tasted damn good kay ;)

2nd night we headed to RCA and partied at Slim!

 I think I was too tired from the prev nights (and I didn't sleep well before coming to BKK) so that night my body kinda failed me, I got really really tired and just lost myself hahahahahh

Heh so that was my first 2 days at Bangkok!!!
I hope I did answer some of the questions that I've been asked sooo many times on ask.fm hehe
Gonna split my posts to a few days at a time so I can explain in details along the way without the post being too draggy lol.

Hope you guys enjoyed x