June 14, 2013


"Infinite Pixie is an online fashion store based in Singapore focusing on womenswear. Founded in 2011 and solely run by Sera Lo. As of 1st January 2013, sprees are organized weekly with a minimum of 20 new arrivals and collections aimed to be launched fortnightly with new arrivals.

They look forward to bring in lots of awesome goodies for all girls out there who have a thing for fashion. With Infinite Pixie, you can now shop online with them in your own comfort zone and await your prezzies to be delivered to your doorstep! "

I've been working with Infinite Pixie for quite awhile now and helping with their product shoots and recently they're been on quite a bit of a "Spree-Frenzy" !!!
Why frenzy? You have GOT to check out the huge amount and variety of stuff you get to order via their spree and most of them are at low and pocket friendly prices ;) 
√ Their prices under sprees are kept as minimal as possible 
catering to students who are on a tight budget
Expect to find tops, bottoms, dresses, bags, shoes and tons of accessories 

Trust me you'll be spending quite a bit of time on their website once you start shopping with them!


So for this advertorial I participated in their previous spree and picked a few items c/o Infinite Pixie
I used to think that ordering from a spree would take a really long time, so I wasn't expecting my items to arrive so quickly and when I got them in the mail a week or so later I was really surprised
√ They use the fastest shipping method via DHL Express (Singapore) Pte Ltd till date so that you can receive your goodies as soon as possible
 First up I picked the Dungaree (Light Denim)
I like how the cutting for this dungaree strays away from the usual dungaree we see!
The fit of this is also slightly oversized giving it a more causal and laidback look, I love how it's baggy  and oversized!!! At least I look slightly smaller wearing it, hehe ;)
This was a special pick from Sera who wanted to sponsor me this piece on top of my picks!
I got to choose between a lighter and darker denim and I obviously went for the latter ;)
 I have got to say this is probably one of the few denim shirts that I've owned that is of a perfect fit to be worn as an outerwear :D You know how some are quite fitting so if you choose to wear it outside of another top it ends up super tight and you end up looking damn bulky :S
Definitely will be utilizing this top more as a jacket instead of a top!!! Plus the shade makes it so easy to go with basics like your white/grey/black or even camo!!! :)
 This is also another piece picked by Sera, initially I was afraid I wouldn't be able to fit thanks to my size now but I was super satisfied with the fit!!! Love the flair on the waist which gives an illusion of a slimmer waist (what I really needed hahahahaha) 
Cute cute cute!!! Love the floral prints as well hehe ;)
And lastly another floral printed apparel, Daisy Printed Dress (Black)
 Madly in love with this dress!!! I picked this from their New Arrivals and was highly anticipating it's arrival and I just couldn't wait to jump into it! Hehe never regretted my choice as this is such a lovely piece, I like how's slightly similar to the peplum top with it's fitted waist as well!
The prints are subtle yet eye-catching, super cute floral detailing hehe. 
This piece is available in both White and Black but of course I chose Black here ;)
Thank You so much Sera and Infinite Pixie for your generosity and all these wonderful items!!!
I love them all so much (。’▽’。)♡
Good News for you guys, Spree #70 is now open and they have updated with 29 new arrivals! 
View all new arrivals here: http://www.infinitepixie.com/p/spree_11.html

here's the wonderful part for my readers:
Mention <DONNA> in your order form for an extra SGD$1 OFF your total bill 
- Promotion will end on 25th June, 1130PM (GMT+8) and promotion is not valid for sale items.

You can also find Infinite Pixie on their various social media sites:
Instagram: @Infinitepixie

Don't forget to look out for their ongoing promotions happening over at their facebook page!
Also not forgetting, free local normal postage for the entire month of June!!!
So many wonderful promotions for you guys, don't miss the chance and start shopping today!!!